CommentLifestyle | 8:07 AM on Thursday
A woman has filed a formal complaint with Ottawa's integrity commissioner alleging a city councillor asked her inappropriate questions of a sexual nature during a job interview, including whether she was comfortable not wearing a bra to work events.
CommentHealth | 8:04 AM on Thursday
Experts talk about what's under investigation in the U.S. "medical mystery" tied to vaping and why it has Canadian doctors concerned.
CommentMilitary | 8:02 AM on Thursday
A member of the Canadian military has died of injuries sustained in a weekend incident in Panama City, Fla. Local police have made an arrest in the death of Master-Cpl. Martin Brayman.
CommentMisc CDN | 8:00 AM on Thursday
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's election plane sustained some damage in Victoria after a media bus drove under one of its wings Wednesday night.
CommentMisc World | 7:55 AM on Thursday
The Israeli military targeted 15 sites in Gaza after two rockets were fired at southern Israel Tuesday night.
CommentMisc World | 7:46 AM on Thursday
Menacing images including a decapitated head of US President Donald Trump and a helicopters with American coffins in central Baghdad, Iraq.
CommentPolitical | 7:39 AM on Thursday
Watch the latest local and breaking news from Calgary & southern Alberta, covering crime, weather, traffic and community events. Catch full newscasts of CTV News Calgary at Noon, 5, 6 and 11:30.
CommentUncle Sam | 5:16 PM on Wednesday
Jurisdictions once monitored by the justice department for racially discriminatory voting practices have collectively closed more than 1,000 polling places since a watershed 2013 US supreme court ruling released the jurisdictions from oversight, according
CommentEnvironmental | 1:48 PM on Wednesday
Extinction Rebellion plans to 'block two of the primary exit roads' at the Port of Dover on Saturday September 21, eight days after protestors aim to shutdown Heathrow with drones.
CommentSports | 11:26 AM on Wednesday
It another year of optimism as NHL training camps begin on Thursday. But it's also another year of worrying whether this will finally be the season when the Stanley Cup returns north of the border.
CommentLaw & Order | 10:58 AM on Wednesday
Miriam Tremblay, 26, is charged with seven counts of theft under $5,000.
CommentFunny | 9:58 AM on Wednesday
MONTREAL - People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier will be facing a challenging opponent in his Quebec riding of Beauce - Maxime Bernier.
CommentPolitical | 8:40 AM on Wednesday
The RCMP has had their attempts to look into potential obstruction of justice in the SNC-Lavalin affair blocked by the Trudeau government. According to another explosive report from The Globe and Mail, Ottawa refused to lift cabinet confidentiality for
CommentPolitical | 6:20 AM on Wednesday
Hurricane Dorian blazed a trail of destruction from the Bahamas to the Maritimes, but it didn’t just cause turmoil on land, according to a team at Memorial University who say they recorded a 100-foot wave off the southwestern coast of Newfoundland in the
CommentUncle Sam | 5:10 PM on Tuesday
The White House hopeful said abortion and birth control should be used to fight climate change.
CommentUncle Sam | 10:23 AM on Tuesday
President Trump says he disagreed with many of the US national security adviser's suggestions.
CommentShowbiz | 7:35 AM on Tuesday
A film crew from Europe is visiting Fort McMurray to get a sense of what life is like for people who live in the oil town. The film makers' presence isn't welcome by some of those residents, who are frustrated with how their industry and community ha
CommentMisc CDN | 7:33 AM on Tuesday
A francophone school board in Montreal (CSPI) admits to turning down two aspiring teachers, after they refused to remove their visible religious symbols.
CommentLifestyle | 7:31 AM on Tuesday
Manners used to matter. Come to think of it, they've always mattered, writes Wanita Bates.
CommentMisc World | 7:29 AM on Tuesday
Iran has already exceeded caps placed on the size and purity of its enriched uranium stockpile, part of a strategy to place increasing pressure on Europe to reset the deal
CommentLaw & Order | 7:25 AM on Tuesday
Six of the seven people charged in the stabbing death of a man in Maryland in July have been identified by federal officials as being part of the MS-13 gang and in the country illegally, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
CommentUncle Sam | 7:23 AM on Tuesday
Texas man Tevon Varlack, 42, was arrested Saturday afternoon after he bashed the famed Charging Bull statue in New York City while repeatedly shouting 'F**k Trump'.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:33 PM on Monday
Locals believe the raccoons were getting intoxicated off of fermented berries, but a wildlife control expert says it could be a contagious disease
CommentBusiness | 12:31 PM on Monday
The wife first assured the bank she would work out a repayment plan with her husband, but she eventually ceased communications, WNEP reported
CommentSports | 11:19 AM on Monday
LETHBRIDGE, Alta. An assault charge has been laid against one man and is pending against a second person after an attack on a referee and a coach at a youth hockey tournament in Lethbridge, Alta.
CommentLaw & Order | 11:18 AM on Monday
Max Werenka peered into the depths of B.C.’s Griffin Lake. From his perch on a paddle board, the 13-year-old could just make out the outline of a large rectangular object resting about 20 feet below the water’s surface.
CommentReligion | 11:07 AM on Monday
Sinead O'Connor has apologized for race comments she made following her conversion to Islam last year.The singer called white people disgusting in a divisive Twitter rant last year as she announced she had adopted the name Shuhada Davitt
CommentMisc World | 11:06 AM on Monday
She turned her back on her Muslim faith and embraced life as a porn star.Now, intelligence officials in Britain say they have arrested two Afghan men who are accused of plotting to kidnap and murder one of their daughters.
CommentProvincial Politics | 5:27 AM on Monday
New provincial legislation from the UCP has removed the word “public” from all school boards, affecting affect eight of 41 public school boards across the province.
CommentShowbiz | 1:15 PM on Sunday
Pamela Anderson has urged the artistic director of the Toronto International Film Festival to sever ties with bosses at outerwear company Canada Goose over their cruelty to coyotes and geese.