CommentMisc CDN | 11:14 AM on Sunday
The B.C. Conservation Officer Service says a man survived a terrifying bear attack by swimming to safety across a lake.
CommentLaw & Order | 11:10 AM on Sunday
Alleged Vancouver drug traffickers are facing charges in Southern California after a large undercover investigation
CommentPolitical | 11:09 AM on Sunday
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says his government would give a boost to Quebec's immigration funding to help prepare immigrants to fill the province's labour shortage.
CommentLaw & Order | 10:56 AM on Sunday
A requirement that lawyers declare their obligation to promote diversity is proving controversial in Ontario. A decision could come next week.
CommentBusiness | 10:32 AM on Sunday
Iran already has crept past limits the deal imposed on nuclear enrichment and its uranium stockpile. It is trying to pressure Europe to find a way to sell crude oil abroad despite U.S. sanctions.
CommentMisc World | 9:17 PM on Friday
The Bahamian government has deployed extra security to the Bahamas' devastated northern islands Thursday amid reports of looting and violence.
CommentBusiness | 8:06 PM on Friday
A group of outraged protesters and a long line of adoring fans welcomed a controversial U.S. fast-food chain to Toronto on Friday, the first franchised Chick-fil-A in Canada.
CommentMisc World | 8:53 AM on Friday
CommentUncle Sam | 12:10 AM on Friday
AUGUSTA – When Maine passed a “Constitutional Carry” law allowing Maine residents to carry a concealed firearm without any special permit in 2015, opponents of the law forecast a dangerous future for the state. They said the new law would hurt public safe
CommentSports | 12:08 AM on Friday
Bianca Andreescu has become the first Canadian to reach a singles final at the U.S. Open, defeating Switzerland's Belinda Bencic 7-6 (3), 7-5 in the semifinals on Thursday.
CommentMisc World | 10:14 PM on Thursday
CommentLifestyle | 1:22 PM on Thursday
It may seem to many around the world that children in Canada have a great life. It seems however that the children and youth themselves have a different view. A new study by UNICEF Canada found a high percentage of Canadian young people go to school or be
CommentLaw & Order | 1:04 PM on Thursday
An Edmonton babysitter who rescued two abused sisters locked in a basement says she's relieved the women responsible have admitted to their crimes.
CommentMisc CDN | 1:02 PM on Thursday
Waving Palestinian and Canadian flags, hundreds of Palestinian refugees gathered outside the Canadian Embassy in Beirut on Thursday requesting asylum in the North American country.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:44 PM on Thursday
Hurricane Dorian is expected to spin into Atlantic Canada this weekend as either a Category 1 hurricane or a strong tropical storm, churning out sustained winds up to 130 km/h.
CommentPolitical | 10:28 PM on Wednesday
Ahead of the October election, Canada finds itself on the front lines of the war on disinformation and hacking.
CommentPolitical | 4:34 PM on Wednesday
Comedian Hasan Minhaj turned up the heat on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a recent episode of his show when he asked about the arms deal with Saudi Arabia.
CommentBusiness | 3:11 PM on Wednesday
Porsche's super-sedan EV will arrive in Canada at $173,900 for the base Turbo model and $213,900 for the 750-hp Turbo S
CommentEnvironmental | 2:57 PM on Wednesday
Berman co-founded, the organization behind numerous environmental campaigns, including those targeting expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline
CommentSports | 2:50 PM on Wednesday
Angelo Grubisic called his world-record preparations 'the Icarus Project,' after the Greek mythological figure who died after flying too close to the sun
CommentLaw & Order | 2:43 PM on Wednesday
Howard Levitt: Court would be gatekeeper for frivolous complaints that are making Canada a human rights laughingstock.
CommentUncle Sam | 12:34 PM on Wednesday
Not wanting to take any chances, school officials in Fruitport, Michigan, spent $48 million on the rebuild, which incorporated the discreet security features into a high school built in the 1950s.
CommentLifestyle | 12:28 PM on Wednesday
A vegan in Western Australia who took her neighbours to the supreme court in a failed bid to stop them from using their barbecue has said she is considering further legal action.
CommentMisc World | 12:20 PM on Wednesday
The death toll from sweeping anti-immigrant riots in Johannesburg suburbs rose to five on Tuesday as police attempted to restore order with rubber bullets.
CommentHistory | 12:16 PM on Wednesday
In a declassified 1982 Cold War memo, the Privy Council Office predicted that all-out nuclear attacks from Soviet Russia would annihilate much of the major populaces in Canada, sparing only Saskatchewan and Newfoundland.
CommentTech | 12:13 PM on Wednesday
An estimated 19 million Canadians have been affected by data breaches between November 2018 and June 2019, according to numbers obtained by 'Attention Control with Kevin Newman,' a new podcast that launched Monday.
CommentMisc World | 11:51 AM on Wednesday
Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s embattled chief executive, formally withdrew the controversial extradition bill that sparked months of tense protests that played out on an international stage.
CommentHealth | 11:45 AM on Wednesday
Parents across Granada, Cantabria and Valencia in Spain are preparing to file a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that caused their children to develop 'werewolf syndrome.'
CommentBusiness | 11:14 PM on Tuesday
The retailer will stop sales of certain types of ammunition in response to recent attacks.
CommentProvincial Politics | 2:51 PM on Tuesday
No sector of government spending was sacred in the review, with sweeping reforms suggested in health, education, the public service, capital spending and how the government delivers programs to its citizens.