Canada Kicks Ass
Urgent Help Appeal


helpseeker @ Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:02 pm

Please if someone can help me find a job decent job that can sponsor me for immigration or help me settle down in this country I really appreciate it or if you can recommend me any organization that can help me in my case that would be helpful as well.

I am originally from Pakistan and came to Canada as an International student and done my post graduate courses in Lambton college, Sarnia and St. Lawrence College, Kingston and after that I moved to Calgary where I am currently residing but I am willing to move anywhere. I wanted to settle down in this country but my work permit is expiring in precisely 2.5 months and I have no means to extend my stay or apply for immigration as I am doing a labor job which cannot support my immigration case. Also I have masters and bachelors degree from my home country and have senior health and safety coordinator experience along with safety courses.

The immigration application requirement is I have to find a job offer in managerial/Supervisor category and an employer who is willing to sponsor me which I am unable to find till now. I tried changing provinces switched cities for it. Currently i am residing in Calgary but i have been to Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto to look for a potential employer who can sponsor me in my field job but didn't get lucky.

I do not wanna go back now as I already spend almost 5 years in this country and I am supporting my family now. I just cannot restart my life from scratch If I go back now also job situation in my country is worse then here besides I came here to get settled and that is why I spend 3 times more fees then regular as an international student but even after completion of my studies I didn't get a job.

I am an educated male in my 30's and I came to Canada as an international student. After my 2 years Post Graduate Diploma studies I received a 3 years work permit from Canadian government since then I am searching for a decent job in my field but because of the economy I was unable to find one and so I started doing jobs that can pay my bills currently I am working as a forklift operator in Alberta, Calgary this job has a decent wage but I cannot file my case with it, I pay my taxes and I never applied for any government or private assistance but now the situation I am in is out of my hand. And since I am not from a war affected country I am not even qualifying for a refugee status in Canada.

This is the last resort I come up with as I know that Canada is the country who helped many immigrants and refugees to settle down and so I am posting this help appeal on public forums in hopes that someone might be able to help me in my life crisis also if someone can recommend me some organization who can support my case for free I really appreciate that as well.

NOTE: I cannot pay high fees to consultants or lawyers also employers who pray on people by paying extremely low wages in exchange for sponsorship please don't contact me as I no longer have time to waste.


DrCaleb @ Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:44 am

You left out some details. You studied . . what? Masters degree . . .in what?

I wish you luck though.