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Ideafist @ Tue Nov 12, 2002 3:52 pm


I just stumbled across your site and spent some time poking around. While here, I went through your Avro Arrow page and saw that most of your pictures and content were stolen verbatim from the Discovery Channel Canada's website, To make matters worse, you don't provide any accreditation to your source or even a link back to

I think this is pretty pathetic, especially with all the other great content you have going on throughout your site. You've got a slick look, growing community and a good start at doing something cool. So why would you just lift this content from another Canadian site, one that invested considerable time, effort, energy and other resources into telling a story that hadn't ever been told like this before?

Furthermore, by not linking to the site you ripped the content off from, you're depriving your readership and community from being able to find out more about the story. Because it's not like you put in even an adequate effort at stealing the content and reproduced it all.

Kind of pathetic, no?

Anyway, I'd like to see you properly attribute the content on those pages, with prominent links AND leave this post up in your forums AND respond to it. THAT would be a show of integrity.

If you don't feel like responding and/or want to delete this post, then I recommend deleting your Arrow section, because I'm going to sic the rabid lawyers from BGMI on you if you don't act within 48 hours. And THEY will take great pleasure in tearing you a new asshole. (note if the proper credit goes up then I'll just shut up about it all).


Jeffrey Haas


Canadaka @ Tue Nov 12, 2002 5:45 pm

I know that some of the content on the site is from other soruces, some of the content is old, I started this site when I was 15. I know that credit and links have to be put up, I have been trying too, but time is limited. And i dont know where some of the content came from. As far as the avro stuff, i got from a avro fan page, which the must have taken from exn. I have now added the credit information to the Avro pages.

"This Avro Arrow Information is from / Discovery Channel Canada and the National Aviation Museum. For a more detail look into the Avro Arrow check out there dedicated site on the matter"

The Plagiarism on the site is a concern with me know, since i started working on the site seriously this year, and in so it has grown by leaps and bounds. nad i think the site is turning into something kewl, and if it were too be shutdown it would be a shame, because i dont have money to fight any kind of legal battle,. Barely have enough to keep the site up.

I thank you for expressing your concern, and promting me into action.