Canada Kicks Ass
Nurse shorteges


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Rev_Blair @ Sat Oct 23, 2004 6:09 am

I said they were good places to start, not the definitive sources. I continued that Google and critical thinking should be used. That's the difference, Godz...I check things out and make my own decisions, you just cut and paste whatever pablum lands in front of you.


pixiedoll @ Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:08 am

I've seen many of these stats, articles and arguments many times before on several other forums. I'm just going to say that health care, despite where it's offered in the world can't be compared tit for tat.

For relatively healthy people who visit the doctor and get checkups, there really isn't much difference between the health care systems worldwide b\c its a low cost procedure. I think the real differences are when it comes to high cost procedures, or emergency medical attention. Some people need very expensive treatments on a monthly basis, and illness doesn't discriminate between the rich or poor. so someone who may get cat-scan's and treatments and other regular assistance without having to pay the big bucks have an advantage over someone in the same condition who may not work at a place that offers high enough medical insurance to cover their needs in another country.

Paying more for less or more for the same standards isn't a logical argument b/c it all depends on what is being done and to whom. A friend of mine in the US had a blood clot and now has a debt of 25'000 to pay off the emergancy surgery they needed to preform. For her an 18 year old student working at an IHOP, the system hasnt worked out. where as here the same situation wouldnt have to result in someone having to file for bankruptsy before they turned 20, and b/c they didnt work for a company that offered a minor releif to medical costs. however in return there are situations that bode much better results for other countries and not our own.

to make a long point short, every health care system has its weak points and inconsistencies but the health care systems around the world all cater in favour of a certain demographic and if you're in that demographic then you love the system and if you're not you long for another system. no health care is foolproof but a healthcare system that caters to the largest demographic of the country it exists in, in my opinion, is the most effective. So in that case I think Canada's health care system is pretty darn effective in conjunction with the people who use it.


Robair @ Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:43 am

Doctor shortage could get worse: survey

TORONTO -- The doctor shortage in Canada may be about to get significantly worse, a new survey suggests.

A combination of impending retirements and planned scaling back of hours for lifestyle reasons could make it even harder for Canadians to find a doctor willing to take them into their practices, the survey says.



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