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The Popcorn Playhouse...The Super Thread of Nonsense


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Regina @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:12 pm

SprCForr SprCForr:
A superthread for outright nonsense.

Is this where the political threads should be?? :lol:


SprCForr @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:13 pm

Amongst other things...



2Cdo @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:26 pm

SprCForr SprCForr:
A superthread for outright nonsense.

And the first entry is appropriate! :lol:

BC makes dumb people look smart!


bootlegga @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:58 pm

Here I thought we were going to talk about he old CFRN kids show... :lol: ... tside0416/


Yogi @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:37 pm

bootlegga bootlegga:
Here I thought we were going to talk about he old CFRN kids show... :lol: ... tside0416/

Yah. Me too. I'm disappointed! :lol: Careful though Boots, We are 'dating' ourselves!


gigs @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:40 pm

WTF is that older than Buckshot?


Yogi @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:45 pm

gigs gigs:
WTF is that older than Buckshot?

Somewhere 'between buchshot and dirt'! :lol:


SprCForr @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:46 pm

Altered the thread name.


QBC @ Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:39 pm

This is where all the true nonsense threads and threads that turn into nonsense will be placed for all to see.....Post to marvel at the true wisdom of the threads and those who make them that way....The threads will be the political, social or whatever thread is turned into nonsense by those who insist on turning so many of these threads into just that....nonsense. keep it interesting, we're going to keep changing the name of this thread to reflect the utter nonsense being posted here best.


Thanos @ Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:53 pm

Two messages from the man who knows what Christmas is all about (i.e., just a momentary rest break in der kulturkampf:

A message to all who feel lonely and depressed on Christmas: Maybe if you were a better person you'd have more loved ones. Ho ho ho! - Glenn Beck

My local Korean grocer is the latest combatant in the War on Christmas. "Happy Horidays?" Damn you, Obama! - Glenn Beck

Keep the faith, peeples.




Mawpe @ Sat Dec 26, 2009 10:44 am

ridenrain ridenrain:
If anyone in Venezuela was smart they would have got rid of Chavez instead.

He's looking for Toyota to go broke, making vehicles for the glorious revolution.

If you read the news, you would know that the Right-Wing American-backed facists kidnapped Chavez and removed him from the Presidential Palace in 2001. After mere hours, more than a million people descended upon the Palace from the hills around the city and wanted "their president" back in office. It was a nice try by Cheney's office to stage yet another coup in a Latin American country, but this time they ran into a populous president. Ditto for the Honguran people today - they won't let in the American's choice for El Presidente.

Doesn't this happen in North America? Are there no "people's presidents or prime ministers" anymore? Where does Canada's government represent the people when they say they are against the war, the HST, etc. Who represents you? Surely, it is not your MP's who are corporate-backed puppets. Didn't the facist's in the Privy Council tell Harper to bail out the flailing auto industry? What did the people get? - slapped with a HST no one wants. Canadians deserve the mockery of democracy that represents their unheard voices. Of course, you could organize a massive anti-HST demonstration but people just don't care enough to get off their ass and take their political system back. May your "minority party" government continue to confound the Canadian people with unrepresented taxation. I'm an old Canadian who has seen better days before the corporations started to run candidates. People today would rather email, blog, Tweet - voice their concerns electrinically because its easier. Can't you see the misrepresentation by ALL the governments around the world? I can.


Mawpe @ Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:26 am

Saudi Arabian planes were bombing in neighboring Yemen last week. They were bombing "rebels" against the Yemeni facist regime. Somehow the Americans are behind these indiscriminate bombings, but North American news reports omitted who was doing the unjust bombing. It was American-backed Saudi planes according to Pakistani news reports. Now the Delta Airlines passenger, who was playing around with gunpowder, tells the US interrogators that he got his fireworks from Yemen! Didn't you all catch that? Isn't it odd that a suspected "terrorist" would come clean with this kind of convenient intelleigence? Expect a more active role by the American aggressors as they can now move from behind the curtain and take a center-stage role in northern Yemen. Oh those CIA boys sure know their political science and they have money to spread around to any poor, disaffected young men in "hotzone" countries. Note that the guy "tried" to ignite his gunpowder when he was near Detroit over American soil - very important here because any terorist who knows his stuff would have tried to blow up a plane over the Atlantic to make it toughter for investigators if he was successful. This whole thing stinks like the gunpowder that the patsy tried to ignite. Americans torture people like the Nazis did, so don't expect them to have a moral high ground anymore.


Mawpe @ Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:15 pm

CommanderSock CommanderSock:
I've always perceived America as too racially charged to allow healthcare reform such as this. It would take a powerful liberal to push through health reform.

The simple fact of the matter is that if America was not diverse as it is currently, it would have had universal health care such as that of Europe long ago.

Conservative American middle class isn't interested in subsiding anything that is perceived to benefit "others" in a true and classic us versus them attitude.

This is why there is so much hypocrisy from the tea baggers and freerepublicans. Our antagonist of this thread is no different. It's not short term, but selective memory loss.

The same is happening in Canada, as diversity increases, reforms that would be passed almost without question will now be studied with far greater scrutiny, 'the us vs them' attitude is begging to fester even here. I am not so sure humans are handling diversity well at all.
"Divide and Conquer"
The American polity has been cleaved into two dyfunctiional sides that waste their time going after one another, when in fact both sides of Congress are backed by corporate interests. The last six presidents out-spent their rivals to win office. Presidential elections are TV affairs that are innundated with corporate-backed 501 smear campaigns that cost millions of dollars but are effective in dividing the polity so as to determine where they can strategize for up-coming elections, even if they are a year away. The worst thing the campaign directors hate is the swing voters - they need "commitments" before they can funnel money into the puppet they would like to see in office. Forget about politics - its a dirty rotten business and the more you choose sides before you vote, the more you help them straegize their up-coming campaigns. Obama is no different than anyone else. He may talk like Dr Martin Luther King but thats all. He is fence sitting his term in office as much as Bush did by not persuing the Conservative agenda he was elected for. And it goes on and on.....Iraq auctioned off some oil fields and no American company won a bid. Why is that? I thought it wasn't about the WMDs - it was all about oil the lefties cried! Yeah, well what can lefty say now? I know whats going on there but I'll let others figure it out. US oil companies know what they are doing, so just wait and see if violence erupts inside Iraq, especially around those under-protected oil wells that will cost BP and Shell to lose money there. Wait and see the price of pumped gas rise and you might get a clue. The Tea Baggers are a political force that is growing each day with bad news and if they get enough steam ahead, some oil executives might start to aid them in their efforts and we will see the lefties defending that every president loses seats in a midterm. Yeah, you bet. The strategy has been formed, all the elements are in place and the "news" is so predictable as they will whore themselves for Breaking News, Developing news, until they milk that story dry. One thing is a tenet in politics - no one can be disgraced in office anymore and be asked to step down by the people. What people? They don't have money like corporate America, so continue to play into their hands with your dividedness. Canadians are playing that game too!


Mawpe @ Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:29 pm

"Really?? Called many Federal government offices and got an East Indian or Pakistani that speaks French have you?
And I'm sure that the Sikhs that joined the RCMP spoke fluent French as well.
Seems to me that the only ones that need to speak French if they wanna work at the federal level are the ones that were born here."

You're a racist, bigot and above all a pisser and moaner because somebody worked and got a job you would love. Why is Canada short on doctors and not tradesmen? Doctors lobby hard to keep up the Draconian rules of immigrant doctors not being able to work in Canada becaus they didn't pay the corporate universities in Canada to learn, so they have to drive cabs. Meanwhile its okay to bring in German staff to construct Canadian roads and buildings because the caprpenter's don't have a strong enough union to lobby to require them to have their "tickets" invalidated. Canada is full of elitists that make policies, or haven't you noticed? Maybe thats why you hate immigrants because they will one day get out of the cab and sit in an oerating theatre overlooking your ulcer operation.


gigs @ Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:22 pm

Justin Trudeau, 38, is the politician who can change things. He is young, articulate in both languages, dashing, magnetic. Wherever he goes he draws a crowd. Charisma is a rare political gift. About one in 1,000 have it. He has it.

The Metro is an ass kissing free Liberal dirt rag.

oh it expired..must of ran out of funds from the Liberal Party.

Here’s what we need in 2010 — the youth to take over. Everybody is sick and tired, or at least they should be, of the eternal grip on power of the post-war baby boomer cohort.

These people are old, intellectually worn out, shorn of idealism and duller than the Manitoba tundra.

Take, for example, our federal party leaders. They are all very smart, erudite men. But if you’re looking for an inspiration deficit, look no further. Stephen Harper is only 50, but he’s about as hip as a Toyota Corolla. Bookworm Michael Ignatieff looks like he hasn’t seen a ray of sunshine since the ’60s. Jack Layton has a demeanour that conjures up Russia in the throes of Bolshevism. And Gilles Duceppe? Well, go back a bit further. The pre-Cambrian era might do.

The youth of the nation look on and, understandably, look away, especially on voting day. But it can’t stay like this. It’s their country. They have to make a move.

Among our elected representatives, in the cobwebbed chamber that is the House of Commons, there is one guy with the potential to light a fuse.

Justin Trudeau, 38, is the politician who can change things. He is young, articulate in both languages, dashing, magnetic. Wherever he goes he draws a crowd. Charisma is a rare political gift. About one in 1,000 have it. He has it.

Trudeau initially had the reputation of being a bit flaky. But he hasn’t come across that way since arriving in Ottawa. He’s shown a sense of discipline and a willingness to be patient and learn. At the same time he has a sense of humour while coming across as an independent thinker.

Others who come to politics at a young age lose their freshness. Given the pressures of the game, they get turned into party hacks. James Moore, the talented young Tory heritage minister, runs that risk. Trudeau, on the other hand, comes across as a breed apart.

The Liberals should do all they can to showcase him. The youth vote is up for grabs in this country and the party that gets it will be the party on the move. It’s how Barack Obama won. As his campaign manager, David Plouffe, relates in his book, The Audacity To Win, what the Obama campaign did was change the electorate. It reached down below the boring baby boomers to the emerging younger cohort and awakened it.

That’s what has to happen here.

Lawrence Martin is a journalist and author of 10 books who writes about national affairs from Ottawa.



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