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Found a great web development company


muskokagirl @ Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:54 am

My brother just launched his first website which he was extremely happy about it at first, but until he started to get a lot of errors on the site, he sort of realized that he got ripped off from the people who actually built his site. He obviously did not want to go back to them so he was looking for a web development Toronto company that can fix up his site to be search engine friendly, get the errors fixed and maybe even do a bit of design work.

I was searching Google and I came across these guys that literally does anything and everything that has to do with website stuff and they seemed pretty reliable. So, I suggested it to my brother and he actually gave them a try. Within two weeks his site was error free, SEF and the design part looks awesome.

My brother and I would recommend these guys to anyone. They are fast, reliable and seem to have a great team.