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Blue_Nose @ Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:42 pm

kitty kitty:
Blue_Nose Blue_Nose:
hmmm... probably not much. I'm personally going to be deleting any and all Van Halen requests PDT_Armataz_01_28

Please don't say that. i love Van Halen.
Unchained....Everybody Wants Some ... I'll Wait.... pick one or all three. Please play MORE Van Halen
It's not so much Van Halen in general, it's just that shriek thing David Lee Roth does in every song.... drives me up the wall, and I can't stand any song by them with him because of it. I don't mind the Sammy Sagar stuff, but they're most popular with Roth, so I can't technically say I'm a Van Halen "fan".

Should my/the Jazz show pick up again next week (very likely), there won't be any Van Halen.... unless he pulled a Rod Stewart and came out with a jazz album!

Edit: actually, there is one song I liked with Roth: Just a Gigalo.


Ripcat @ Thu Apr 27, 2006 5:16 am

Oh, you ate one too! :wink:

It's Sammy Hagar BN, just for the record.

I'll play Van Halen for you Kitty but I'm need to know when you are listening.

People also need to realize that none of us DJs have every song ever recorded and need to work with us when they are making a request. Only 3 Van Halen albums in my library so....and while I will be expanding my library as I can some albums/artists will have to wait...



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