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climbing out of the dark: I Stayed Quiet


ridenrain @ Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:30 am

Thursday, December 18, 2008
I Stayed Quiet.

PM Harper did more to bring Quebec into the Canadian fold than any other PM in recent history, and how did the Quebec voters reward the Conservatives? They voted for the Bloq.

Now, they try to tell us that a vote for the Bloq is not necessarily a vote for separation, but I'm not buying it, not one little bit. Look at Duceppe's recent activities, colluding with the NDP and Liberals to gain control of Parliament. When PM Harper calls them on it, he's the bad guy for even mentioning separatists. Garbage!

Quebec has used up all it's goodwill with this Albertan. When the Conservative government gave Quebec billions to fix the "fiscal imbalance", I stayed quiet. When Charest, turned around and used that money to give Quebecers a big tax break, I stayed quiet. When ALL parties in Parliament supported the "this House recognizes that Québécois form a nation within a united Canada" motion, I stayed quiet. When the Bloq constantly called for Alberta oilsands to be shutdown, I stayed quiet.

I stayed quiet believing that Quebec was worth the effort. I stayed quiet believing that Quebec would take the hand that PM Harper was extending from the rest of Canada and that they would grasp it, in unity with us. Instead, we got the one finger salute.

I will not stay quiet again. Enough, is finally enough, no more pandering to Quebec, it's time for Quebec to join Canada. No more special status, you are one province in the rest of Canada.

That's why I think PM Harper's latest move to increase seats in Ontario, BC and Alberta is a fair move, it is democratic, and best of all, by adding 21 seats in Ontario, 7 in BC and 5 in Alberta it adjusts for population representation. How will 33 extra seats impact Quebec, given that the Conservatives only need 12 more seats for a majority? Here is their response:

The Bloc, on the other hand, is steadfast in its opposition to granting Ontario more seats -- unless Quebec also benefits. “We were opposed to the original bill because it diluted the political weight of Quebec. Once it’s been recognized that the Québécois nation exists, you have to ensure that it can be heard by federal institutions,” the party’s House leader, Pierre Paquette, told La Presse. This, even though Quebec has just seven seats where the population is more than 110,000, compared to 67 in Ontario.

Dilute away PM Harper, maybe when Quebec realizes that they are not the only kid on the bloq, they will take that hand that has been extended by Canadians. ... quiet.html


hwacker @ Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:02 am

I agree, it's like a spoiled kid (something like Mr. C) no more allowance, no more car at night or weekends, and if you keep it up you're not that old I can't give you a ass tanning.

We need to shift the balance away from Quebec and make them want to be part of Canada not a screaming little diaper shitter.