Canada Kicks Ass
Harper Speech at Brampton Ontario


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Canada's economy will rebound the fastest, PM says
Updated Tue. Mar. 10 2009 6:10 PM ET News Staff

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty called on the Senate Tuesday to pass the budget as soon as possible, after Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada would emerge from the current recession stronger than any other country.

In an address to the Brampton Board of Trade, billed as his first major speech on the recession, Harper emphasized the positives about Canada's economy.

"Canada was the last advanced country to fall into this recession," Harper said Tuesday.

"We will make sure its effects here are the least severe and we will come out of this faster than anyone and stronger than ever."

He said it's time to put away "that legendary Canadian modesty."

"Notwithstanding all the troubles around us, Canada has real advantages, real assets, and we should not hesitate to remind investors, partners and leaders around the world of the comparative strengths of our country," Harper said.

Still, he admitted that Canada will not turn the corner on the global recession until the American financial sector crisis is fixed.