Canada Kicks Ass
Sweet, Sweet Valencia Oranges


ridenrain @ Sun Apr 26, 2009 10:24 am

Bit of humor from the blogs:

Written by Publius
Sunday, 26 April 2009 07:34
Blood in the streets. That's what I like to see. Old Publius is a member of a low profile group of Conservative Party supporters. We call ourselves the Harper Boyz. What do we do for kicks? We kick. We punch. We beat those who don't toe the party line. That's right. Toronto is Harpertown. During election campaigns we beat up Liberal campaign workers. On weekends we troll downtown Toronto, beating up granola chomping commies with sacks. Big sacks, filled with sweet, sweet valencia oranges. No bruising when the hippie gets his daily vitamin C. Sometimes Old Darcey shows up. As the CBC has proven, all Conservative Party supporters are old white men who haven't been laid in twenty years. As such we had problems admitting Darcey into the Harper Boyz. As avid viewers of our national state broadcaster we reasoned thusly: Darcey supports Harper, therefore Darcey is a old white man. Sure he is technically some kind of Indian. That wasn't a problem once we thought about it. We got a bunch of Indians in the Harper Boyz, the other kind. They're all like programmers and accountants and stuff.

They can swing those sweet, sweet valancia oranges like nobody's business. We even got a black guy. He is very passionate about the capital gains tax. He too likes to beat up Lefties with sweet, sweet valencia oranges. Believe what we believe or else we too will beat you senseless with sweet, sweet valencia oranges. Some libertarian guys were saying that Harper wasn't free market enough. So we beat them up too. Another guy told us that Stephen Harper had a funny haircut, zero charisma and was like betraying his base. So we sang him to sleep with Valencia. Years ago some goof tried to join us. He screwed up though. He said that he thought cutting the GST was wrong. The incidence of taxation should be shifted from income to consumption. We had not idea what he was talking about. So we beat him up, with sweet, sweet valencia oranges. When we don't understand things we beat them up. Sweet, sweet valencia oranges....

The Boyz take care of their own. ... st-for-fun