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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
New Militancy Among Canadian Handgun Owners
There appears to be a stirring of militancy among Canadian handgun owners, a feeling that playing defence is never going to change public opinion on the right to concealed carry.

The Canadian Firearms Journal—house organ of the National Firearms Association—has adopted a new aggressive tone promoting handguns for self-defence.

The change follows the death of longtime NFA President David Tomlinson who worked tirelessly in the background to provide legal advice to individuals caught up in the Firearms Act. The new President, Blair Hagen, and Journal Editor Christopher di Armani, are much more in your face than Tomlinson ever was. Here's Hagen:

"We will replace the Liberals 1995 Firearms Act. It is inevitable. We will assert our proud Canadian heritage and cultural tradition of firearms ownership. We will defeat the forces of civil disarmament, and we will secure our heritage and our cultural firearms freedom for generations yet unborn."

And here's di Armani:

"It wasn't long ago that concealed carry was a realistic option in Canada, and obtaining a concealed carry permit wasn't a big deal. It's already legal. The law is on the books. Our bureaucrats simply deny every application that doesn't meet their 'criteria.'

Let's tell our elected politicians we want them to take control of the unelected bureaucracy and make concealed carry accessible to ordinary Canadian Citizens again."

This kind of talk has already gained some traction. The December/January issue of the Journal contains a letter from the Agassiz-Harrison Rod & Gun Club which enclosed a cheque for $1,000 for the NFA:

"The AHRGC believes in this current climate of potential firearm bans, the NFA is the one association to truly spearhead the fight for firearm owners. "
I read that letter out at the Annual General Meeting of the Boundary Pistol Club last night and the 15 members present immediately voted to pony up $100 from our small organization to send to the NFA as well.

My feeling is that a new attitude of militancy may be stirring in the land. If so, it's got a big hill to climb. The voices of civilian disarmament are strongly supported in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia by opportunistic and amoral politicians. They won't budge unless they feel public pressure.

You can do your part by joining the NFA, even if you don't currently have a handgun, and sending the Association a token of your support.

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