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March 19, 2008

Jean Chretien, when he was PM of Canada, once said that the brain-drain phenomenon was not real and even if it was real, so what? The 2006 census revealed a lot of very interesting statistics: 1. The policy of Official Bilingualism is not working 2. It doesn't unite the country (Elizabeth Thompson's article). Now we also have other conclusions that have come to light. The article written by Henry Aubin refers to the brain drain of anglos from Quebec and the reasons have been identified by a letter-writer as, "endless political debate on sovereignty and language, narrowmindedness (things are good only when they're in or from Quebec) and high taxes." Isn't this interesting? I'm sure the ordinary Quebecer must realize that the main political parties in that province are too ethno-centric and overly focussed on the supremacy of the French language & culture and that they cannot forever depend on the generosity of English Canada to keep funding this extravagance.

Another disturbing StatsCan report written by Becky Rynor & Shannon Proudfoot (printed by the Canwest New Service) revealed that "Canada may see itself as a nation of immigrants, but more than 10 times as many of us move to the US every year as Americans who move here". Between 2000 & 2004, an average 68,900 Canadians moved south of the border & about 6,100 Americans moved to Canada. The report also says "Canadians who migrated south were more highly educated than the US population".

Canadians are also moving to Australia & the UK. The British Home Office & Canada House estimate that there are about 200,000 Canadian ex-pats living in Britain. The bulk of those who go abroad are in their prime working age (between 18 & 49 years). For a copy of the complete report, please ask.

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The Gazette
Published: 15 hours ago

Bilingualism doesn't unite Canada, poll finds
Majority of respondents outside Quebec don't think speaking two languages is important


Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau's dream of a Canada united by bilingualism appears to be fading everywhere in Canada except in Quebec, according to a new public opinion poll.
The Léger Marketing poll carried out for the Association for Canadian Studies found that only 40 per cent of Canadians polled agreed that bilingualism keeps the country united, compared with 58 per cent who disagreed.

"It's the ultimate paradox," said Jack Jedwab, executive director of the association. "There is this schizophrenia vis-à-vis Trudeau. On the one hand in terms of his view that everyone should be bilingual, that view is more widely endorsed in Quebec than in the rest of the country, even though there are some mixed feelings in Quebec (about Trudeau)."

"But clearly it is not faring well outside of Quebec and it is also not faring as well as one would hope with the population that is neither English nor French mother tongue - which is a very crucial segment of the population."
The poll of 1,500 respondents across Canada found that francophones were twice as likely to agree that bilingualism keeps the country united than anglophone respondents by a gap of 63 per cent to 31 per cent. When it comes to allophone respondents, 49 per cent disagreed with the idea that bilingualism keeps Canada together, while 43 per cent agreed.

The poll also found sharp differences between regions in how important they say bilingualism is to Canadian unity.

While 63 per cent of Quebecers agreed bilingualism keeps the country united, that view was shared by only 20 per cent of respondents in Alberta and 27 per cent in British Columbia. The rate rose to 35 per cent in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 37 per cent in Ontario and 43 per cent in the Maritimes.

University-educated respondents were more likely to agree with that view than those without a university education by a score of 45 per cent to 38 per cent.

When it came to whether Canadians should be required to learn a second language, 52 per cent said it shouldn't be required, compared with 45 per cent who said it should.

Women were more likely than men to say Canadians should learn a second language, with 50 per cent of female respondents agreeing with the statement compared with 39 per cent of men - well beyond the poll's margin of error of 2.9 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

Jedwab said the attitudes toward bilingualism that are revealed by the poll have important public policy implications.

"We need to change the psychology in Canada about the view of the importance of bilingualism. All of the measures in place and the investments we make on the (bilingualism) action plan risk not bearing fruit if the openness to bilingualism, the attitudinal dimension, isn't strong enough."
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The Gazette : March 6, 2008

The brain drain of anglos from Quebec is getting serious
Just when Quebec needs all the talent it can get, the exodus is continuing


Everyone knows that a serious brain drain is weakening Quebec's anglophone community. But a sobering new study shows that this exodus is more serious than widely understood.
Among adults born in Quebec whose mother tongue is English, an astonishing 61 per cent of those whose top university degree was a bachelor's had moved to other parts of Canada as of 2001, the latest census year for which this mobility data are available. (See table.)

Among those with a master's degree, 66 per cent had left, according to this study by William Floch, a federal civil servant specializing in the official languages, and Joanne Pocock, a PhD candidate in sociology at Carleton University. And, finally, among those in the small, elite category of holders of PhDs, a staggering 73 per cent had departed.

The category most likely to remain in Quebec? High-school dropouts. Only 40 per cent went.
As a rule of thumb, then, the more educated you are, the more likely you are to leave.

Please note that these are not foreign students who study at Montreal universities at considerable expense to provincial taxpayers before returning home - that is, the sort of students whom Quebec nationalists regularly complain about (particularly in the context of McGill's faculty of medicine). No, these are Quebecers, born and bred.

Note, too, that the census can track only people who still reside in Canada. (If you move to another country, you don't get a census form.) So, if anything, the study actually underestimates the outflow of talent. It doesn't count all those Quebec-born doctors, nurses, scientists, musicians, computer whizzes and others who are now making careers in the U.S. or elsewhere.

It goes without saying that this exodus has a huge impact on Quebec's economy (more specifically in the Montreal metropolitan region, where most of these émigrés would be working if they'd stayed). It also has a commensurate effect on the tax base.

What might be less understood is the trend's effect on civic leadership in the English-speaking community. As the study's co-author, Pocock, told me yesterday, the outflow helps explain an erosion in the institutional base. Well-educated people who give their time to, say, their local school board, city council, hospital board or volunteer group are becoming less numerous. Her observation recalls something former MNA Reed Scowen wrote in 2007 edition of his book Time to Say Goodbye: "It is impossible to identify a leader of the English community today."

(It's worth pointing out, however, that the Quebec Community Groups Network has started trying to fill this void. Indeed, it was at its conference on the English community last week that this study was released.)

The Quebec anglos who are leaving are predominantly bilingual and have educational credentials that shine. The province is scrambling to replace them with immigrants, but the latter often lack the same skills in French and diplomas of equal weight.

Anglos leave for many reasons. Better career opportunities is one. High taxes here are another. As well, sovereignist politicians keep alive the largely obsolete but ever-useful image of the haughty anglo. As La Presse's Lysiane Gagnon noted this week, "anti-English rhetoric is still politically correct." The Quebec civil service remains a shocking symbol of an unaccommodating majority culture. Although 8.2 per cent of Quebecers have English as their mother tongue, they have only 0.7 per cent of government jobs.

Pocock expects that the 2006 census's mobility data, to be published in a few months, will show a slight improvement in Quebec's record of retaining well-educated anglos in the 2002-2006 period. This good news would reflect to some degree the election of a federalist Quebec government in 2003.

But how about 2007 and 2008? These are the years of the Parti Québécois's launch of Nous-ism. Overt ethnic nationalism is becoming respectable after long hibernation. The timing is bad. Demographers predict Quebec is only several years from a broad manpower shortage - what we're already seeing among doctors and nurses could become generalized.

The anglo brain drain (table below is not properly formatted, unfortunately)
Among Quebecers whose mother tongue is English, it is the most educated who are the most likely to move to other provinces, according to the 2001 census. Total No High- Bachelor's or population high-school school first professional Master's age 15+ diploma diploma degree degree Ph D.

Anglos born in Quebec

and still live in Quebec 305,513 86,232 49,663 36,270 8,388 1,170

Anglos born in Quebec now

living in another province 303,882 56,442 35,234 56,830 16,401 3,173

source: "emerging trends in the socio-economic status of english speaking quebec: those who left and those who stayed," by William Floch and Joanne Pocock, published by the centre d'Études ethniques des universités montréalaises and the Canadian institute for research on linguistic minorities

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The Gazette : March 7, 2008

Francophones flee, too
Re: "The brain drain of anglos from Quebec is getting serious" (Opinion, March 6).

It's not just anglophones who are leaving. I am sure some bilingual educated francophones are following them, or will be soon.

The reasons: endless political debate on sovereignty and language, narrowmindedness (things are good only when they're in or from Quebec) and high taxes. If you're single, with a good paycheque, it's cheaper to live elsewhere and there are more career opportunities.

Sure, Quebec is a great place to live but at some point in one's life, choices have to be made. For a brighter future, that might mean leaving.

Maxime Dupont-Demers

Trash Bill 101


Benoit @ Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:02 am

En français!


Joe_Stalin @ Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:50 pm

Canadians for Language Fairness Inc.
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------February 27, 2008

Quebec has been the battle-ground for the rights of English-speakers and, as we have seen, the heroics of people like Howard Galganov, Brent Tyler, William Johnson & many others have been drowned by the screams & bullying tactics of the French thugs who have used violence & the threat of violence to scare away those who have a legitimate right to speak. On March 2nd, this coming Sunday, Affiliation Quebec is planning to hold a meeting, led by the President of this fledging political party, Allen Nutik. A group of Quebecois nationalists - Les Jeunes Patriotes - are planning to disrupt the meeting.

Canada is a civilized country - we believe in the right of free speech, we believe in the right of free assembly. Quebec has allowed the reign of violence to silence the people - so far, they have won because the English-speakers have been intimidated into avoiding any confrontation.

Howard Galganov is determined not to be silenced. How many people are willing to come in support of this event - held in support of the beleaquered English-speakers of Quebec? We could arrange for a few car-loads of people if there is enough interest.

Let me know ASAP. If we have enough people to rent a bus, so much the better!!

It’s Easy To Be Sick And Tired Of Quebec Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Vote For Galganov Is A Vote For Yourself By Howard Galganov
I will be in Montreal this Sunday (March 2, 2008), speaking at a meeting of Affiliation Quebec. Other speakers will include Allen Nutik who has taken the burden upon himself as being the voice of Quebec’s English speaking community by founding the Affiliation Quebec Party.

The other speaker will be Brent Tyler, who has done more, and sacrificed more for the rights of all people within Quebec to be equal in the eyes of the courts than anyone else.

Also in attendance at this meeting will be the newest flavor of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists, in the name of LES JEUNES PATRIOTES (young patriots).

The meeting is open to the public at 2:00 o’clock at no charge at Ruby Foos Hotel on Decarie Boulevard, just across from Blue Bonnets Race Track.

On their Web Site –, these young ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists are preparing to attend this meeting as troublemakers. They will be there in force to intimidate the people who want to attend. And they will do their best to shout down those who will be speaking.

Their Web Site pictures me as a dog-rat captured in a bottle (quite creative actually). Their headline translated into English reads:

The Return of Galganov.

These are the same pukie thugs who think Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association and Freedom of Assembly are freedoms only they should have.

Several years ago, a violent group of pro Palestinian anti-Semites stopped Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at Concordia University in Montreal. To them, this was a great victory. To these “jeunes patriotes” schmucks, if they are able to stop us from speaking, that would in their sick minds be a great victory too.

But that won’t happen!

I will not allow that to happen!

If I have to speak in the parking lot in the midst of these thugs, that’s what I will do. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

Canada has been intimidated by ethnocentric Quebecois nationalists for far too long.

Their behavior has been excused and tolerated by Anglo apologists and appeasers for far too long.

Their threats have produced results for their cause for far too long.

They have had their way with Canada for far too long.


When the people of Canada finally realize what the cost of ethnocentric Quebecois nationalism has been to the rest of Canada, these young pukes will only be shouting at each other, because no one else will care.

When Ontario and the rest of Canada isn’t there to sign Quebec’s welfare checks, they’ll understand where their true place within Confederation has always been.

When there is no money left for Quebec healthcare, they will have no one to scream at but themselves.

When the infrastructure of Quebec becomes irreparable because there will no longer be Canadian dollars to fix the roads, the bridges and everything else Quebec has neglected, who will they turn to?

Let these pecker-heads scream. Let the cameras of the media capture them as they really are. Let the rest of Canada see who we’re twisting ourselves into pretzels for, and maybe we’ll stop twisting.

I was supposed to appear on Rogers Cable television in Ottawa (22 on the dial) this Monday evening to debate a supporter of Official Bilingualism. But, it was cancelled because they couldn’t find anyone from the Official Bilingualism Commission to debate with me.

So they moved it to this Thursday (February 28, 2008), but they still can’t find anyone willing to go one and one against me. So this is what I told the producer:

“I will not put my life on hold waiting for them to find someone with the courage of conviction to debate with me. So here’s the deal. I will come on-air this Thursday evening between 9 and 10 o’clock. If there is someone to debate. Good. If not. That will be good too.”

Unfortunately, Rogers Cable has a limited reach within the greater Ottawa area from Rockland to Carleton Place. But, if you can get the channel, I assure you a good hour of facts the apologists for Official Bilingualism do not want you to know.

If you intend to attend the 2:00 o’clock Sunday meeting at Ruby Foos in Montreal, and want to buy an ANGRYPHONE DVD produced by Jimmy K, I will have 20 copies with me.

The price for each DVD is $20 all-in. $10 will go to Jimmy K to cover the cost of production. The balance will go to Affiliation Quebec as’s donation for their cause.

If you would like to pre-reserve a DVD of ANGRYPHONE, please let me know in advance by email, and I will make certain to have one waiting for you at the meeting.

For the people who have already seen this DVD, the reviews are fabulous.

If you want to know more about and how you can support what I’m doing, please click on the red link at the bottom of this page.

Remember: Together – LET’S WIN BACK CANADA

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.


Benoit @ Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:47 am

section française


Joe_Stalin @ Sat Mar 22, 2008 4:12 pm

OK. Howszat?

[/ Quote] [/ quote]
[Quote = &quot;Joe_Stalin&quot;] [quote] <br> Canadiens Inc for Language Fairness <br> P.O. Box 40111 <br> Bank &amp; Hunt Club Postal Outlet <br> 2515, rue Bank. <br> Ottawa, ON, K1V 0W8 <br> Tél (613) 321-7333 Télécopieur (613) 524-3247 <br> Site web: Email: <br> <br> -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ 27 février 2008 <br> <br> Le Québec a été le terrain de bataille pour les droits des anglophones et, comme nous l'avons vu, l'héroïsme des gens comme Howard Galganov, Brent Tyler, William Johnson et beaucoup d'autres ont été noyés par les cris et les tactiques d'intimidation de la France des voyous Qui ont utilisé la violence et la menace de la violence pour faire fuir ceux qui ont le droit légitime de s'exprimer. Le 2 mars, ce Dimanche prochain, le rattachement du Québec envisage de tenir une réunion, dirigée par le président de ce parti politique encore balbutiante, Allen Nutik. Un groupe de nationalistes québécois - Les Jeunes Patriotes - envisagent de perturber la réunion. <br> <br> Le Canada est un pays civilisé - nous croyons au droit à la liberté d'expression, nous croyons au droit de libre assemblée. Québec a permis le règne de la violence pour faire taire le peuple -, jusqu'à présent, ils ont gagné parce que les anglophones ont été intimidés en évitant toute confrontation. <br> <br> Howard Galganov est déterminée à ne pas se taire. Combien de personnes sont prêtes à venir à l'appui de cette manifestation - qui s'est tenue à l'appui de la beleaquered les anglophones du Québec? Nous pourrions organiser un petit nombre de voitures charges de gens s'il ya assez d'intérêt. <br> <br> Let me know ASAP. Si nous avons assez de personnes pour louer un bus, tant mieux! <br> <br> Kim <br> -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ <br> It's Easy To Be Sick And Tired Of Québec Mercredi 27 février 2008 <br> <br> Un vote pour Galganov Un vote est pour vous par Howard Galganov <br> Je serai à Montréal ce dimanche (2 mars 2008), prenant la parole lors d'une réunion de l'affiliation au Québec. D'autres orateurs comprendront Nutik Allen qui a pris sur lui la charge comme étant la voix du Québec par la communauté anglophone dans la fondation du Parti québécois Appartenance. <br> <br> L'autre orateur sera Brent Tyler, qui a accompli davantage, et plus sacrifié les droits de toutes les personnes à l'intérieur du Québec d'être égaux aux yeux des tribunaux que quiconque. <br> <br> Également assisté à cette réunion sera la toute dernière saveur de l'ethnocentrisme québécois nationalistes, au nom de LES JEUNES PATRIOTES (jeunes patriotes). <br> <br> La séance est ouverte au public à 2:00 heures, sans frais, à l'hôtel Ruby Foos le boulevard Décarie, juste en face de l'hippodrome Blue Bonnets. <br> <br> Sur leur site Internet -, ces jeunes ethnocentrique nationalistes québécois se préparent à assister à cette réunion en tant que fauteurs de troubles. Ils seront là en force pour intimider les personnes qui veulent y assister. Et ils feront de leur mieux pour crier à ceux qui s'exprimera. <br> <br> Leur site Web photos moi comme un chien-rat capturé dans une bouteille (en fait assez créatif). Leur titre traduit comme suit: <br> <br> Le Retour de Galganov. <br> <br> Ce sont les mêmes bandits qui pensent pukie liberté d'expression, la liberté syndicale et la liberté d'assemblée sont les seules libertés qu'ils devraient avoir. <br> <br> Il ya plusieurs années, un groupe de violents pro palestinien antisémites cessé de parler de Benjamin Netanyahu à l'Université Concordia à Montréal. Pour eux, ce fut une grande victoire. Pour ces &quot;jeunes patriotes&quot; schmucks, s'ils sont en mesure de nous empêcher de parler, qui dans leurs esprits malades être une trop grande victoire. <br> <br> Mais cela n'arrivera pas! <br> <br> Je ne vais pas permettre que cela se produise! <br> <br> Si je dois prendre la parole dans le terrain de stationnement au milieu de ces bandits, c'est ce que je ferai. Je ne seront pas réduits au silence! <br> <br> Le Canada a été intimidés par des nationalistes ethnocentriques Québécois depuis trop longtemps. <br> <br> Leur comportement a été excusé et toléré par les apologistes et anglo appeasers depuis trop longtemps. <br> <br> Leurs menaces ont produit des résultats pour leur cause depuis trop longtemps. <br> <br> Ils ont eu leur chemin avec le Canada depuis trop longtemps. <br> <br> Ça suffit! <br> <br> Lorsque la population du Canada de réaliser ce que le coût de ethnocentrique nationalisme québécois a été pour le reste du Canada, ces jeunes ne seront pukes crier à l'autre, parce que personne d'autre ne les soins. <br> <br> Lors de l'Ontario et du reste du Canada n'est pas là pour signer au Québec du bien-être, ils vont comprendre d'où leur véritable place au sein de la Confédération a toujours été. <br> <br> Quand il n'ya pas d'argent pour les soins de santé au Québec, ils n'ont personne à crier, mais à eux-mêmes. <br> <br> Lorsque l'infrastructure de Québec devient irréparable, car il n'y aura plus de dollars canadiens pour réparer les routes, les ponts et tout ce que le Québec a négligé, qui vont-ils tourner? <br> <br> Que ces chefs-pecker cri. Laissez les caméras des médias capturer telles qu'elles sont réellement. Laissez le reste du Canada de voir qui nous sommes nous-mêmes en se tordant de bretzels, et peut-être que nous allons cesser de torsion. <br> <br> J'étais censé figurer sur la télévision Rogers Cable, à Ottawa (22 sur le cadran), ce lundi soir pour débattre un partisan du bilinguisme officiel. Mais, elle a été annulée parce qu'ils ne pouvaient pas trouver quelqu'un bilinguisme officiel de la Commission de débattre avec moi. <br> <br> Alors, ils se sont déplacés pour ce jeudi (28 février 2008), mais ils ne peuvent pas toujours trouver quelqu'un prêt à aller un et l'autre contre moi. Voila ce que j'ai dit au producteur: <br> <br> &quot;Je ne vais pas mettre ma vie en attente d'attente pour eux de trouver quelqu'un avec le courage de ses convictions pour débattre avec moi. So here's the deal. Je viendrai sur les ondes ce jeudi soir, entre 9 heures et 10 heures. S'il ya quelqu'un à débat. Bon. Si non. Ce sera bon aussi. &quot; <br> <br> Malheureusement, Rogers Cable a une portée limitée dans la grande région d'Ottawa, de Carleton Place à Rockland. Mais, si vous pouvez obtenir le canal, je vous assure une bonne heure de l'apologie de faits bilinguisme officiel ne veulent pas que vous sachiez. <br> <br> Si vous avez l'intention d'assister à la réunion Dimanche 2:00 heures à Ruby Foos à Montréal, et que vous voulez acheter un DVD produit par ANGRYPHONE Jimmy K, je vais avoir 20 exemplaires avec moi. <br> <br> Le prix de chaque DVD est de 20 $ en tout. 10 $ iront à Jimmy K pour couvrir les coûts de production. Le solde ira à Québec comme le rattachement de l 'don à leur cause. <br> <br> Si vous souhaitez pré-réserver un DVD de ANGRYPHONE, s’il vous plaît faites le moi savoir à l'avance par e-mail, et je ferai de certains d'en avoir un qui vous attendent lors de la réunion. <br> <br> Pour les personnes qui ont déjà vu ce DVD, les critiques sont fabuleux. <br> <br> Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur et comment vous pouvez soutenir ce que je fais, s’il vous plaît cliquer sur le lien en rouge au bas de cette page. <br> <br> Rappelez-vous: Together - LET'S WIN RETOUR CANADA <br> <br> Cordialement. . . Howard Galganov. <br> [/ Quote] [/ quote]


Benoit @ Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:17 pm

Joe_Stalin Joe_Stalin:
Le Québec a été le terrain de bataille pour les droits des anglophones et, comme nous l'avons vu, l'héroïsme des gens comme Howard Galganov, Brent Tyler, William Johnson et beaucoup d'autres ont été noyés par les cris et les tactiques d'intimidation de la France des voyous Qui ont utilisé la violence et la menace de la violence pour faire fuir ceux qui ont le droit légitime de s'exprimer.

La traduction automatisée n'est pas au point.


Durandal @ Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:43 pm

Ethnocentriques..... LOL.

Obsédés par la suprémacie de la langue française... certes, on évacue notre identité religieuse, il faut bien compenser par qqch d'autre.

Focusés par la "culture québécoise"... ca n'existe presque plus, sauf dans les discours.


Benoit @ Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:40 am

Durandal Durandal:
Ethnocentriques..... LOL.

Obsédés par la suprémacie de la langue française... certes, on évacue notre identité religieuse, il faut bien compenser par qqch d'autre.

Focusés par la "culture québécoise"... ca n'existe presque plus, sauf dans les discours.

La langue française, comme toutes les langues, implique d'abord de construire des phrases.