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USA Today: "Dunkirk" is racist and sexist


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stratos @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:09 pm

martin14 martin14:
housewife housewife:
The only war story I remember was All Quite On The Western Front.

What, the one with Jonboy from the Waltons and Ernest Borgnine ?
:lol: :lol: What a waste of time.

There is 1930's version, much better.

Just think Johnboy fought in WWI as an American and a German. American was in the TV show the Walton's as a German in All's quiet on the Western Front.


martin14 @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:18 pm

stratos stratos:
martin14 martin14:
housewife housewife:
The only war story I remember was All Quite On The Western Front.

What, the one with Jonboy from the Waltons and Ernest Borgnine ?
:lol: :lol: What a waste of time.

There is 1930's version, much better.

Just think Johnboy fought in WWI as an American and a German. American was in the TV show the Walton's as a German in All's quiet on the Western Front.

A traitor to both sides !!! ROTFL


BeaverFever @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:03 pm

BartSimpson BartSimpson:
virtue-signaling fuckface virtue-signaling fuckface:
I missed the part where anyone was calling the movie sexist or racist or even spoke out about a lack of minorities or women.

You would.

So where is it then?


BartSimpson @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:08 pm

Go stare at the sun for a while and see if you can see it.

It's entirely possible you won't.


Coach85 @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:43 pm

BartSimpson BartSimpson:
Go stare at the sun for a while and see if you can see it.

It's entirely possible you won't.

Even so, he wouldn't find it because you made it up.

The author made an accurate comment that "some people" would be annoyed about the casting but beyond that, it was a glowing review of the film.

Stop looking for reasons to be outraged....and the name calling, really?


BeaverFever @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:46 pm

BartSimpson BartSimpson:
Go stare at the sun for a while and see if you can see it.

It's entirely possible you won't.

Obtuse answer as usual.

Make a claim you can't back up then attack others for your overreach. Classic Bart move.


herbie @ Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:40 pm

What? Never been to a Historic Park these days to see the detailed down to the last button 18th century New France uniformed soldier that's blind with a hijab, in a wheelchair with a seeing eye dog on parade?*

stratos stratos:
I do not recall the name of the movie but I watched it in the late 70's or early 80's, it was about Dunkirk where the guy had a small boat and made at least one trip to there and back to England. His last trip to rescue the soldiers he didn't come back from. At the end they show his small boat all shot up. Was so eerie you only heard the waves lapping against the boat. Not guns, no birds, nothing. It was very striking to me at a young age.

I remember that.

*You won't. She's running for the NDP leadership HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!


martin14 @ Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:26 pm

Racist, sexist, and now the French are getting in on the whining ROTFL

Sacre bleu! French complain that their brave sacrifice at Dunkirk has been written out of new blockbuster movie (while the Russians say it celebrates cowardice)

Christopher Nolan's film has received a rapturous reception from critics in UK
But French journalists have criticised Nolan for not including their compatriots
And some Russian took to social media to mock British for celebrating a defeat

Read more: ... z4ncbjJIiz


Thanos @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:18 am

All in all it looks like a masterpiece so there's no need to let a few whiny voices in the distance with their skewed priorities wreck it for anyone else. Hopefully it wins a ton of Oscars and other award just to piss them off.

This was a single-scene tracking shot from Atonement. Up until Nolan's film it's been pretty much the sole modern take on Dunkirk in our generation's time.


PluggyRug @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:06 am

Dunkirk survivor sees movie Dunkirk in Calgary

Calgary veteran who survived Dunkirk causes a stir at movie premiere
By Carolyn Kury de Castillo
Reporter Global News

The movie Dunkirk tells the story of allied soldiers who were evacuated during a fierce world war two battle. The movie is already getting critical acclaim. As Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports, a 97-year-old Calgary man who was actually at the battle, had to see the movie for himself.

Theatre goers watching the premiere of “Dunkirk” at Calgary’s Westhills Cinemas on Friday night got a surprise encounter with a 97-year -old man who was at the battle in 1940.
The Battle of Dunkirk took place during the Second World War between the Allies and Nazi Germany in Dunkirk, France.

Calgarian Ken Sturdy, dressed in a jacket adorned with medals, viewed the movie and was impressed by what he saw.

“I never thought I would see that again. It was just like I was there again,” Sturdy said.
“It didn’t have a lot of dialogue. It didn’t need any of the dialogue because it told the story visually and it was so real.”

The movie Dunkirk tells the terrifying story of the evacuation of allied troops from the French city of Dunkirk. It’s thrilling entertainment for most viewers, but for just a handful of people in the world, it contains images that bring back memories of surviving Dunkirk.

“I was in those little boats picking them out of the water,” Sturdy said.

He was a 20-year-old signal man with the Royal Navy helping evacuated soldiers reach waiting boats from the chaos on the beach.

“I had the privilege of seeing that film tonight and I am saddened by it because of what happened on that beach,” Sturdy said.

More than 68,000 British soldiers were captured or killed during the battle and retreat and over 300,000 were rescued over nine days.

The harrowing scenes took Sturdy back to a time when he was on those small boats. Sturdy said the beach was filled with terrified soldiers.

“I was 20 when that happened, but watching the movie, I could see my old friends again and a lot of them died later in the war,” Sturdy said. “I went on convoys after that in the North Atlantic. I had lost so many of my buddies. One of my mates was taken prisoner. He wasn’t killed on the beach. They marched him up to Poland. And he spent five years in a German prisoner camp.”

Other people at the Calgary premiere were honored to encounter such a decorated veteran at the theatre. Many gathered around Sturdy to shake his hand and offer their thanks.

“At the end of the movie I ran down the stairs and he was just wiping his tears away and I was able to shake his hand and give him a proper salute,” Kelly Kwamsoos said while fighing back tears.

“I really hope that the younger generations can understand what it was like and really count their blessings. We’re so lucky,” Kwamsoos said.

Sturdy hopes the movie sends a message to a new audience of the sad nature of war and our apparent inability to avoid it.

“Don’t just go to the movie for entertainment. Think about it. And when you become adults, keep thinking, “ Sturdy advised.

“Tonight I cried because it’s never the end. It won’t happen. We the human species are so intelligent and we do such astonishing things. We can fly to the moon but we still do stupid things,” Sturdy said. “So when I see the film tonight, I see it with a certain kind of sadness. Because what happened back then in 1940, it’s not the end.”

© 2017 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.


Tricks @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:33 pm

Quite frankly the only people's opinion that matters on the movie are the people like the gentleman in the article above, the ones who were there. If they commend it, then it's a success.


Sunnyways @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:48 pm

WWII Western Front movies are too cheerful for my taste: ... -1.3158773


raydan @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:01 pm

Somebody didn't like it...

Kevin Maher, writing in The Times, gave it two stars out five, saying "[Dunkirk] is 106 clamorous minutes of big-screen bombast that's so concerned with its own spectacle and scale that it neglects to deliver the most crucial element - drama." Maher also stated that in comparison to other war films such as The Longest Day, A Bridge too Far and Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk felt like a Call of Duty video game.


PluggyRug @ Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:13 pm

Dunkirk.jpg [ 91.39 KiB | Viewed 161 times ] In 1940, the evacuation of allied forces from the beaches of Dunkirk commenced as approximately 338,000 troops were loaded into small boats over the course the rescue.

Also known as “Operation Dynamo,” German forces conducted hellish air raids killing the numerous troops that attempted to flee the area.

In the mix of all that chaos was 20-year-old Bill Lacey, a rifleman in the 2nd Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Reportedly, Bill had already boarded a relief boat but decided to give up his seat to make room for a wounded man and leaped off the vessel.

Back on land, Bill turned around to see that the boat he had exited from was now well underway — without him.

The British Army evacuation underway in Dunkirk (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

He quickly located a raft and thought he could use it to rejoin the boat that was sailing off in the distance. As he took hold of it, he realized the raft was useless as it had two bullet holes poked through it.

As gunfire erupted in all directions, Bill witnessed German troops rounding up British stragglers taking them prisoner. Unsure of what the future held, he decided to make a run for it and take his chances surviving on his own.

Headed in the opposite direction as the armed Germans, he maneuvered south, hoping to run into other British troops.

Bill made his way into the woods and traveled deep into the hostile countryside not knowing how he was ever going to make it home.

His mission was to stay out of sight, as German patrols were consistently roaming the area.

He got rid of his issued uniform, hid his weapon, and donned clothes he had stolen from nearby washing lines to help blend into the local population. Bill was forced to drink from streams and eat handfuls of straw dipped in margarine.

““I had to learn to stay alive in the same way a wild animal would,” Bill states in an interview. “My only thought was to survive from one day to the next.”

Since he didn’t speak French, he nodded to locals if they attempted to interact with him. Then, one day after four long months of surviving on scraps, Bill finally saw an opportunity to make it home.

Bill spotted a fishing boat that was tied down to a small pier and began to format a plan in his head. After the sun went down that evening, he carefully made his way to the small vessel, slipped off the moorings, quieting boarded, and steered off toward the English coast.

The forgotten soldier arrived at the shoreline near Dover, England, weak with hunger and clad in ratty clothes. Soon after, he was arrested and transported to an Army base where intelligence officers interrogated him — they didn’t believe his traumatic story.

Luckily, they checked many French newspapers and found articles about a British soldier reportedly on the run who stole food from farmhouses. There was also a report about a fishing boat from the pier that went missing.

Bill Lacey takes a moment for a quick photo op. (Source: Mirror UK)

After proving himself, Bill was recruited into the British special operation division and completed several more years of service — finally retiring in his early fifties.

Sadly, the hero and survival expert passed away at the age of 91, but his Dunkirk legacy will live on forever.

See also:


bootlegga @ Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:35 am

BartSimpson BartSimpson:
Yep, the virtue-signaling fuckfaces of the liberal media just had to smear what looks like a fabulous movie about a moment of incredible heroism.

Why? Because the producers of "Dunkirk" made an historically accurate movie instead of casting women and racial minorities in critical roles. Because women and racial minorities were so pivotal to the actual battle, right?

Anyone wondering why I hate these shitstains just needs to take a look at shit like this review to see why.

Truitt writes what's otherwise a glowing review of the movie but has to bow down before the gods of PC and toss them a line like this:

The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

God damn these people. They'd erase all of Western history if they could because almost all of it centered on white males to the exclusion of African-Americans, lesbians, overt homosexuals, the transgendered, Asians, pygmies, Native Americans, and etc. ... 482574001/

I agree that that sentence or two is stupid and totally out of place, but there's no proof that Truitt actually wrote it - there's this entity called editors and it's likely the case that it was added in after he submitted.

Anyone who has ever written anything for publication in a news organization understands editors can and do change things - I've had titles changed and the entire tone of pieces I've written changed by those above me.

If you don't believe me, read the actual review on USA Today and not the cut and paste fake outrage shit from Breitbart or Daily Mail and you'll see Truitt understands what Dunkirk (the event) was and just how good the film is.



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