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Duffy's Repayment May not Have Been a Scandal Without PMO's


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Freakinoldguy @ Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:23 pm

smorgdonkey smorgdonkey:
Freakinoldguy Freakinoldguy:
Alta_redneck Alta_redneck:
What exactly is the scandel here, because as a Canadian tax payer I couldn't give a fuck who paid the fat guy's bill.


Thankfully the other two parties are unblemished by the evils of corruption like the Conservatives, otherwise people might think all this Duffy crap is just another series of partisan attacks for political gain while the guilty try to hide the past. :P

That's hilarious that some Con would take the biggest things about other parties and then just the $90 G blunder from their party. It was the LIE not the money. The Cons have blown enough money and handed enough wealth to other countries at Canada's expense. the picture should look more like this:


And it's hilarious that a leftie would choose to forget about all the lies and misdirection that came with their parties misconduct but, if it's only about the lie we can just bring up the GST to revive our memories of previous leaders.

Although, allow me to point out that at no time did I ever say that any private citizen or gov't should have given that fat fuck anything and IMO Harper made the biggest mistake of his political career by appointing that thud to the Senate which goes to show that Chretien and Mulroney were considerably smarter than Harper when it came to judging character.

Is this a scandal. Yes and no. Financially it's a joke but since it's illegal to give a Senator money and illegal for him to receive gratuities (apparently unlike previous Prime Ministers) then yes it is a scandal and should be dealt with accordingly.

But, since we're regaling ourselves in the misery of the respective parties dalliances then allow me to point out some other digressions that come to mind:

Broken 1993 Campaign Promise Remove GST: $100 Billion +??
•Tainted Blood Secret $Millions
Firearms Boondoggle: $2 Billion +
•Jane Stewart HRDC Scandal: $1 Billion
•Jean Chretien Shawinigate: $780 thousand +
•Employment Insurance Ripoff: $40 billion +
•7 year failure to report the occurring GST fraud: $1 billion +
•Helicopter Cancellation: $500 million
•Under funded Armed Forces: $Billions
•The Election Gag Law: Silencing Canadians 1
•Un-tendered contract Bombardier: $100 million
•Allan Rock Misrepresentation of the 1993 RCMP Statistics: Criminal
•Radwanski - Privacy Commissioner double billing expenses $Thousands +
•Somalia Inquiry: Gov't Cover-up 1
•APEC Inquiry: Gov't Cover-up 1
•Paul Martin's CSL contracts: $161 Million
•Gov.Gen. Adrianne Clarkson: $41 million 1
•Administration of Abuse Claims: $200 million 1
•Toilet Paper Purchase: $36 million 1
•Secret Unity Fund: $500 million 1
•Quebec Sponsorship Kickback to Liberal Party: $250 million +
•Arar Inquiry - CSIS Cover-up: Insult/Cover-up
•Kyoto: $10 BILLION
•Air India - not calling an Inquiry: Insult/Cover-up
•Olympic Expense Scandal $340 thousand + 1

Guess who? :P

But, on the plus side the bolded line has to be my favorite because it goes to show that the above unmentioned party must been completely full of shit to need that much Toilet Paper. ROTFL


smorgdonkey @ Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:10 am

Well, I am not a leftie so...

The only reason I sh!t on the CONS is that they 'govern' worse than the Liberals. Fact.

If the CONS did better then the Liberals then I would say "good" and vote for them.

I could go around and make up a huge list of CON misdeeds (that's what the "x 1000" part was all about) but the stuff in the poster was just the first bunch that came into my head.

I didn't mention selling off a bunch of things to foreign entities (like the Wheat Board to the Saudis) and one could dig up squillions of things - if you don't think the CONS spent big on their toilet paper you are sadly mistaken.

Cretien knew that the GST was one of the best ways to fund everything and pay off lots of things. The fact that Mulroney was stupid enough to start it in the era that he did was his egg to wear...along with the 33 other times that new taxes were created or existing taxes were raised while he was at the helm (those 'low tax' Conservatives).


andyt @ Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:07 am

You really don't get it, do you? When the Cons do it, it's sound fiscal management. If the Libs did it it's financial lunacy.


smorgdonkey @ Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:20 am

A great article on current times: ... r-on-data/



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