Canada Kicks Ass
“I die when I run out of money”


Scape @ Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:29 pm

For some Canadians with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the government has made it easier to access assisted death than the supports they need to live

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of medical assistance in dying or “MAID” — the right for people suffering from terminal illness to choose to end their lives with the help of doctors. If you are in pain that cannot be relieved, if your quality of life is unbearable, the law provides you with the choice of death.

But what if your illness isn’t terminal? And what if your pain and suffering could be manageable, if you only had enough money? And what happens if you don’t?

In Canada right now, there are people choosing medically-assisted death, not because their illnesses are killing them or the pain is unbearable, but because they can’t afford the cost of managing that pain and getting the care they need to live with dignity.

Recent changes to Canada’s assisted-death laws now allow people who aren’t terminal to seek MAID.

On this week’s CANADALAND, reporter Cherise Seucharan introduces you to one of them, a woman able to live with her disease until her money runs out, at which point she says she’ll be literally priced out of life.


Scape @ Mon Oct 25, 2021 7:21 pm

Having neuropathic drugs that alleviate pain that costs hundreds of thousands for a single person per year will almost never get funded by a government run programs. Most are established as catastrophic drug programs which means unless it is life or death they generally won't cover it. Their aim is simple, do the most amount of coverage for the most amount of people for the least amount of dollars. So, something like insulin, antibiotics and blood thinners will qualify. Most governments also carry a wide variety of mood stabilizing drugs, provided they have a proven history of efficacy.

Pain and suffering isn't covered. Most private coverage will have limits on what or if they cover and the manufactures of the drugs also provide programs to help with the cost of drugs. But even they will fall in line with the formulary the government covers. When it comes to naturopathy, most still see that as a new branch and it is still not proven. Some still see it is not much better than witchcraft even today. What is needed is time and proven results for that to change.

Till then we have to make adjustments to maid before it becomes a 'voluntary' out for the poor.