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PLEASE READ: Canadian Forums Rules and Guidlines


Canadaka @ Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:55 am

Please note that we do not wish to censor posts. In fact, it's just the opposite. As long as we keep things civil, there should be no need to close topics or delete posts. We don't want to limit subject matter either. It's not content so much as delivery that is usually the problem.

Respect between Users
CKA has a low tolerance policy for personal attacks. Posts that contain a personal attack should be summarily deleted or edited out my a mod, and the user should normally receive a warning. Personal attacks detract from the professionalism of the site and can sometimes cause serious problems for CKA as a whole.

Personal Attacks
All visitors, regardless of age, forum-rank or post count are to be treated as equal unless their conduct dictates otherwise. Age, nor number of posts (time as a member) excuses anyone from behaving in a manner that isn't civil and polite.

Profanity is discouraged, we are mostly adults but there is a better way to express yourself than through the use of profanity, especially on the Internet where it can be hard to determine the intended tone. However, we recognize that CKA attracts a certain type of visitor, and that not all discussion topics are "family friendly" here by their nature. Still, profanity should not be "overused." There may be occasions where profanity is appropriate to underline your point or reinforce your emotion, however these should be few and far between. Please keep it within the bounds of civil society. If you habitually misuse profanity, you may receive a warning.

This is primarily an adult forum but posting of nudity is discouraged. Many advertisers don't allow nude content or even sexual content, this is why I had to move the "Babes" Gallery to a separate site. But some nudity can be tolerated, female breasts and tasteful content if it’s in a thread that implies that there might be such content or the thread title is marked as "NSFW". This will give people in places of work or with children in the room a warning of the content within.

Cooperation with Forum Moderators
It is expected that everyone using this site will respect the authority given to the Mods. They volunteer their time and have been selected based on a proven track record. They are charged with the policing of this site. Diplomatic criticism and debate of their role is accepted. However, any hostile challenges to their authority will not be tolerated. If you feel you have been treated inappropriately, please send me a Private Message including details on the incident.


You are responsible for everything that you post and the tone in which it is posted.

  1. The forums are completely public, meaning anyone can come here at any time and review the comments we make.
  2. Comments directed as an insult due to ones race, religion, mental/physical status, sexual preference, political beliefs, and ethnic background are not tolerated.
  3. You will not post advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations unless given permission by myself.
  4. Any content, including links to sites off, that are mature in rating including and not limited to pornographic material, videos of murder and/or suicide, and such text content as manufacturing of illegal weapons and other acts deemed illegal in the Canadian Code of Law is not acceptable.
  5. You will not attempt to bypass or subvert any of site controls or functions.
  6. You will not become an administrative burden to the Staff by intentionally or unintentionally creating significant work for them through your actions.
  7. Postings which are deemed inappropriate may be modified or removed.
  8. You will not troll the boards or feed the trolls. This is making posts that intentionally create hostile arguments, or responding to such posts in the same hostile tone.
  9. You will not have multiple forum accounts without prior permission.
  10. Users that ignore these rules or otherwise act inappropriately may be placed on warning or banned.
  11. Posting is a privilege not a right!

You should Imagereport any post that is in violation of any of these guidelines or common sense to the moderators. We occasionally miss things, and it can be vigilant site members that allow us to keep the site moving smoothly and even remove content that is not legally appropriate.

Posting of other members "Real life" names or contact info is prohibited unless they themselves have made this information public. Moderators shall not at any time reveal users emails or IP addresses.

Warning and Banning System
In order to keep things running smoothly here, CKA follows these steps designed to help curb inappropriate posts and behaviour. The warning system has four tiers, culminating in a full ban from the forums. This methodology gives people a clear indication they're on the wrong track, while giving them time to set things straight.

1st Act: The post will be edited removing controversial content. Culprit will receive one written warning, and will also be notified to all moderators. If the act is directed personally to another member of the forum, the culprit will be asked to apologize.

2nd Act: Culprit will be given a 3 day suspension in the forum Jail.

3rd Act: Culprit will be given a 1 week suspension in the forum jail, this is the culprits possible last warning.

4th Act: Culprit will recieve a 1 week sentance in the jail with the parol option enabled. This step has 2 outcomes decided by the "community" of the site. Members will be given the chance to play jury and determine if the culprit should be allowed one last chance to be civel and obide by the forum rules or be perminatly banned from the forums.

If the culprit is released and again breaks the rules it is the mods discretion to ban them with no trial.

*Acts/Jailings over a year old are exempted from a users record

The moderators have been given some leeway in terms of applying these levels, but these Conduct Guidelines are the rule of thumb.

So everyone is treated fair I ask that the mods try and follow these steps for every culprit. BUT there are extreme cases where a culprit can skip steps or the "jury" option will be skipped, in best interest of the forums.

When a member is placed in jail, a public post will be made in the Jail Sentances thread. The post will be very short, stating the reason for the warning. It's purpose is to explain why the warning was earned, as often it is not immediately clear. There is also a record of jail sentances at the courthouse.

Remember this is an organized community where we can come together as Canadians and other nationalities to share ideas surrounding our day to day lives. Open debate is encouraged, but keep it clean. By posting on the boards you agree to all rules and regulations stated above.


Canadaka @ Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:58 am

Moderator Guidelines

Please use your privileges sparingly. I've found that the need to change content is rare.

When to edit a message
- Contains profanity
- Contains off-topic content
- Violates the user agreement in some other way (contains advertising, is a personal attack, etc.)

please use the blue text to edit messages.
In general, it is preferable to edit a message rather than delete it entirely.

When to lock a topic

Discussion is heading off-topic, but does not merit deletion.
The initial message and replies contain valuable information, but further discussion is not desired
Topic is a repeat of another post.

When to "delete" a topic or message

- Unacceptable behavior
- No part of the topic/message is salvageable by editing
- Illegal/defamatory statements

Basically, "delete" a message whenever there is no value to leaving it in place. You have the choice to lock the topic in place, or move it to the "Flaming Dumpster" forum. Only spam, advertising and extreme case topics should be removed from public view to the "topic graveyard". The "Flaming Dumpster" forum does not show up on the recent topics lists, its just there for public record. Moderators should never completely delete a topic.

When to move a topic

Off-topic discussion that would better fit another topical forum.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether to lock a topic or delete it. In general, deference should be given to the members participating, and it's better to lock a topic than to delete it. (If there are individual messages in the thread that are offensive, they can be individually removed---just be careful that the remaining thread still makes sense.)

If a thread has been locked, Staff should not post to it (except for administrative purposes, and rarely at that). If further discussion is warranted on the topic, consider unlocking it. Note that since Staff can post to any topic (locked or not) you must be vigilant for the "locked" icon at the top - closed threads have no other identifying marks for Staff, as they do for regular users.