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KevinGagnon @ Thu Jun 03, 2004 12:00 pm


I think that those in the NDP party who don't support Jack's views on this issue. Are people who are afraid of the type of negative media they can get. I'm glad Jack is speaking up and not afraid to say what he say's. Its better then the conservatives and liberals who have allot of "secret ideas" that they keep away from the public. At least Jack is taking a strong stand and speaking about his true real views on this issue.



Dr Caleb @ Thu Jun 03, 2004 12:50 pm

[QUOTE BY= BuzzzWorthy] If this material is not censored (as on other boards) then I would consider providing more information on meetings, discussions, agreements etc; [/QUOTE] From the <a href=''>FAQ</a>:<p> <blockquote>My comment got deleted. Why?<p> It's very rare for a comment to be deleted. However, we are providing a forum for safe, constructive debate and the exchange of ideas; if your comment got deleted, one of our moderators felt it was unacceptable (see above). Racist remarks will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that a thoughtful and well-written comment is received better than "OMG teh USA suxxx!!!!!1". You might want to post your comments again, but provide links to support your ideas. <p></blockquote> <p> We will not 'censor' a thought, idea, or remark unless it violates Vive policy. Like Jesse said above, Vive does not condone nor discourage such activities. Posts like this are your opinion. In the interest of discussion; if it's friendly the moderators won't touch it. Keep it civil, and we will hold any personal opinions on content to ourselves. If we disagree, we'll post it rather than moderate someone elses post. And if we do, Jesse can moderate the moderators. ;)<p>


Jesse @ Thu Jun 03, 2004 2:14 pm

Indeed, we're not going to censor you unless you're abusing your posting privileges. Trying to turn the vive forums into your own personal soapbox may lead to us taking action. Again, the legalisation issue is NOT the focus of this site, and posting too much about it may be considered inappropriate and off-topic. I trust you'll stay within the bounds of our FAQ and of good taste.


BuzzzWorthy @ Thu Jun 03, 2004 3:45 pm

I thank you for your comments. Understood. I'm Chillin Buzz


BuzzzWorthy @ Fri Jun 04, 2004 10:04 am

I thought this article would be of interest to some so I've included the link. It surely speaks to the gravity of the situation. ... t&rid=1540


BuzzzWorthy @ Tue Jun 08, 2004 10:31 am

Cannabis leaflet has NDP smoking mad Glenn Bohn, With A File By Ian Mulgrew Vancouver Sun Tuesday, June 08, 2004 Federal New Democrats are all steamed up over a B.C. Marijuana party leaflet that has an image of a big cannabis leaf behind the NDP's official campaign photograph of NDP leader Jack Layton. The envelope-sized leaflet and larger posters and leaflets -- coloured mostly in orange, the NDP's traditional colour -- criticize the Liberal and Conservative policies on the legalization of marijuana and urge Canadians to "Vote NDP!" At the bottom of the leaflet, under an NDP logo, is a line in a smaller type face reading: "this poster sponsored by" and "" NDP federal secretary Chris Watson said he asked marijuana decriminalization advocate Marc Emery on Monday to stop distributing those materials, but Emery refused. "We just don't like it when anyone distributes something that is made to look like it came from us," Watson said during an interview from Ottawa. Watson said the NDP images are likely registered and subject to copyright law, and he has referred the issue to an NDP lawyer for advice. "The NDP are threatening to sue me," fumed Emery, leader of the Marijuana party and political spokesman for the broad cannabis culture constituency -- an amalgam of hot-house horticulturalists, plant nutrient and grow-equipment suppliers, medical marijuana boosters and the vast numbers of recreational dopers. Emery, the self-described "Prince of Pot," said he doesn't understand on what basis the NDP would take legal action. "The sponsorship of the literature is pretty clear, it is cleverly designed, the quotes are all verifiable, the picture of Jack is handsome," Emery stated in a website posting. During an interview, Emery said about 35,000 leaflets have been distributed and he is planning to print another 50,000. The NDP election platform includes a pledge that an NDP government would be "introducing a non-punitive, rule-based approach to adult marijuana use with a major emphasis on prevention, education and health promotion, while seeing that provinces have the resources to prevent and detect impaired driving more effectively." © The Vancouver Sun 2004 Connecting The Cannabis Community


BuzzzWorthy @ Thu Jun 10, 2004 10:31 am

Marijuana Party to fight marijuana laws. <a href="http://">here</a> Connecting The Cannabis Community



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