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The Da Vinci Code


KevinGagnon @ Sun May 09, 2004 4:38 pm

Well after reading some of the critics talk about this book. Its clear the book has its share of controversy. Its also clear the book is a fictional book. Question I will need to answer now is if its a fact about the hidden secrets in the Da Vinci's paintings.



Kory Yamashita @ Mon May 10, 2004 1:04 am

I haven't read this book, but by the sounds of it, the connections are based more on the perceived impression of what feminism is than true femininity. Yknow... Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice... etc etc... And leftism is generally views as a compassionate "look out for your neighbour" kind of attitude similar to feminism. But I'm pretty sure it's more of a comparison between how people PERCEIVE leftism versus how people PERCEIVE feminism. Just a thought...


tifani @ Mon May 10, 2004 8:41 am

I have read the book, I loved it. Christianity was nearly completely taken over by the male Church, it`s so sad. You need a balance of left-right, feminine-masculine, or else the world gets out of balance. I`m not sure where the left-feminine association started, but with our dominant right hands, and left as sinister, etc etc, it goes back a long way.


Milton @ Mon May 10, 2004 8:39 pm

Many moons ago men noticed that the women started bleeding at about the same time of the month. Usually the full moon, gravitational attraction causing the menstrual flow, high tide. More people are right handed than left handed, therefore right is the normal( normal used to mean a 90 degree right angle) condition, your dominant hand is the stonger hand, therefore might makes right, men are stronger physically than women therefore men are right and women are all thats left. This bleeding in concert thing obviously requires some sort of unseen collusion, a conspiracy, must be evil therefore they are witches. So, everything that is not right is not normal and is therefore wrong. Left is not right and is therefore wrong, weak, inferior, corrupted and evil. They did not know about symmetry so the strong men made up superstitious jibber jabber, you can rape and mistreat someone who is not of the same species or inferior because God gave us dominion over the lands and the beasts. The road to civilization must be travelled one step at a time, though we are surrounded by confusion and insanity we know where we want to go.


Kory Yamashita @ Thu May 13, 2004 8:07 pm

Milton, I'm not really sure that this connection is based on the concept of right from 'right-left' compared with the 'right-wrong' right. That would assume that this argument is basically based on the english language. I'd argue that it's based on common perceptions (and misconceptions perhaps) and vast generalisations.