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Aboriginal man found not guilty of sex offence but banished


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Hopkins was charged in 2003 with one count of sexual assault for a 2001 incident in Bella Bella, according to a B.C. Supreme Court indictment. The charge involved a young woman, not a minor, Hopkins said.

In 2004, he was found not guilty but, according to Hopkins, a document was submitted in court that banned him from returning home.

He did not attempt to return until some years later, when an aunt in Bella Bella whom he was close to died. Hopkins tried to go to her funeral but was taken into custody by the RCMP.In 2003, Hopkins was charged with sexual assault. Despite being cleared of the charge a year later, he has been banished from Bella Bella by the band council.

Heiltisuk chief councillor Marilyn Slett confirmed in an email that the Heitsuk Tribal Council revoked Hopkins' residency in 2004 using an Indian band bylaw. The bylaw allows the council to revoke residency on Indian land for reasons including "arrears of taxes, contravention of limited stay conditions, illegal conduct, or where there is detriment to the advancement of the Band or to the wellbeing of other Band members."

Hopkins said he did not have legal representation during this process.

Slett declined to discuss particulars of Hopkins' case, citing confidentiality and legal reasons.

Bella Bella RCMP staff Sgt. Milo Ramsey confirmed the Heiltsuk banned Hopkins via a band bylaw, but he declined further comment, referring questions to RCMP headquarters in Ottawa.