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Ontario NDP has a new leader and her name is Andrea Horwath


back_blastnet @ Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:34 am

Hey everyone, just thought I'd make the announcement. See if there's a desire to converse.

I was there for the weekend and then some. I was on the central campaign team for one of the other candidates(so the blisters on the feet are still healing and the expectation someone should be talking in one ear hasn't left[was mic'ed up for the weekend]).

All the candidates presented great ideas that should get into the policy and be central to the next election.

Like many leaders coming into the position I think Andrea still needs some improvement but I'm not going to prejudice myself and give her the time to impress me as a leader.

Ever as always I'll be there offering suggestions and assistance in making that happen...unless I move to Calgary(unrelated).

What impressed me the most about the convention was that it looked like a lot of really old hatchets were buried. The feel was completely different then the 1996 leadership convention. That was a mean spirited affair. I saw many faces there that I hadn't seen in a decade. This bodes well for the organization that is the ONDP. Improvement in that area will set the stage for greater electoral success.

I certainly wish Andrea every success because a stronger NDP has a greater impact on people's lives.