Canada Kicks Ass
Drunk driving laws to be made stricter in Saskatchewan


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fifeboy @ Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:01 am

martin14 martin14:
rickc rickc:
I have a problem with one part of this article. Andrew Murie (the CEO of MADD Canada) is proposing that the Province establish a zero tolerance for alcohol for people under age 22. I call bullshit. Either one is an adult legally responsible for their decisions, or they are not.

There is something to be said with respect to younger drivers just not having the experience of older drivers, and the combination of alcohol and lesser driving experience, mixed with nighttime driving, and it's just begging for trouble.

Slovakia and other V4 countries are all zero tolerance.
You decide before you go out or crack a bottle if you are going to drive or not.

The only drunk drivers are the ones who are so shit faced they don't care anymore.

I think zero works best. Not much fun for the driver, but life's tough.

I gotta agree with you here.


herbie @ Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:35 am

Just went thru some shit with a friend - got some bad news and went for a drive to town, had 'just one' with his friends. Got nailed with a roadside, he was driving with 'just one' in the cab. Didn't even touch it, he 'just opened it' before he rounded the corner and hit the roadblock.
He couldn't believe he blew FAIL after 'just one'. Took his license for 90 days. Impounded his wife's truck for 30 days. Had to give him a lift home 30 miles out, stopped for smokes and he came out with 'just one' for the road.
Of course, it was a double size tall boy of some shit beer the winos buy because beer is so much better when it's 5.8% instead of "just 5.0%".
No license for 90 days, lives 30 miles out no transit, so there goes the job. Well not really because the Boss is "good people" he went to see and will take him back with the other unskilled crackhead "good people" that can stand working with that Boss.
Tack on a $500 fine. Plus God knows what in points penalties when he get license back and renews.
Plus $700 his old lady saving to shell out (he hasn't been working, right?) to get her truck back. And $75 for a temporary plate to drive home from impound.
Why that? There was no insurance on the truck. So he took the plate off the SUV (which is licensed as a car, the plates are different) so she gets to pay off a further $500 driving with no insurance and he gets MORE points on the license.
Wife told me later he'd actually headed to town to get more beer because he'd nailed the six pack in the fridge....
Cuz he got his license taken away decades ago and only got one recently after getting nailed driving without one AGAIN and being shamed into it, he'd only just graduated from the N to a regular license a couple months ago.
And even though that nasty cop threw the book at him, just because he could, he gets no criminal charge, no court trial and wifey won't have to pay a lawyer to defend him.

After a 1/2 hour ride home with me yelling at him that it's 2017 and you can't fucking drive around drinking a beer, you're 51 and should know drinking doesn't make you feel better, you can't 'swap plates' like it was still 1975, etc until he was mad enough to fight....
he's gone almost 2 months without a drop.
But he just called for me to drive his truck from impound lot to the start of the rural road and his wife would drive me back in her SUV. He'd take it the last 25 miles on his suspended license......
so what do ya do?
As a Judge said when I went to a friend's trial for his 6th impaired charge back in 1974 - "putting you in jail isn't gonna make you any smarter"



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