Canada Kicks Ass
Saskatchewan's new premier


ShepherdsDog @ Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:37 pm

The jokes will soon begin. Everybody welcome Premier Moe.



raydan @ Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:11 pm

Sexual misconduct charges will bring this one down too. 8O



fifeboy @ Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:08 pm

Rural riding... it's Moo, not Moe!


Thanos @ Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:27 am



Jabberwalker @ Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:28 pm

The Flaming Moe


fifeboy @ Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:04 pm

On the chuckleless side: Except for leftover campaign signs on highway 12 north of Saskatoon, I have never heard ANYTHING from this guy. Nothing. I suspect he will represent the "let big oil run the economy" of Brad Wall we have put up with these last years.