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Coke-Snorting Boisclair New PQ Leader


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Jean_Cretin @ Thu Nov 17, 2005 12:43 pm

BigChuck BigChuck:
And about the CEGEP, Come on this is an old tactic even our grandpas know. If you wanna look cool in college just start talking about politics and/or separatism even if you don't know shit about it you will be popular.

What CEGEP did you go to? We could say whole sorts of biased crap like this… It’s like saying in CEGEP you have to be a Football player to be popular with the girls, if you play in a rock band you will be popular… CEGEP is like society, it’s composed of people with various fields of interest and opinions, some won’t give a rat’s ass about politics and some will, some have opinions based on solid argumentations and some are just emotional. If you would truly want to know why separation is a hot topic for the students, I’m 100% sure that “to be cool” would not be your top Reason. If I was has narrow minded then you I could easily say that young Liberals only vote for the Libs because their mommy & daddy told them: PQ is bad, Liberal is good. By doing that I’m saying that all young Liberal voters have no opinion and can’t make decisions on their own…But I’m bright enough to know that this is not the case.

BigChuck BigChuck:
You're right what change the youth's mind isn't only separatist teachers who a biased version of history but all artist who get "involved" by the political question got their checks from the PQ, of course they are for the independance.

You’re statements are based on what? They seem to come straight out of your imagination more then true facts and reality… Through out CEGEP and University I had some political exchange with teachers and students with various opinions, some right wing, some left wing, some federalist, some separatist and I can assure you that you’re arguments don’t stand. And I never heard a teacher force his point of view on anybody and you’re talking about teachers like they’re on a mission to convert our youth into alienated separatist.

Why are you so obsessed with the artists… Should they shut up and never talk about their opinions and political believes? I like the facts that artist can come out and express their point of views if they want too, whatever message they want to deliver, politics shouldn’t be a taboo subject. I keep seeing post stating “we live in a free country” so… let them speak their mind… their not asking you to endorse their opinions. If you start to feel too lonely just watch Don Cherry... he's getting paid with tax money, he speaks his mind and he makes statements... I don't like him, so I just don't pay attention to him.

BigChuck BigChuck:
Finally all you said all your post where just to make me understand that you can't stereotype a party or it's leader...I ain't not classifying deputees, I'm classifying ther PQ's electoral base composed in my opinion of losers and welfare addicted people

The key word in your phrase is “my opinion”, and in my opinion you’re just another emotional federalist that portrays separatist has a group of lazy, illiterate losers… You must be going insane living here, living amongst such a large group of losers. Not one of my separatist friends is on welfare and I would certainly not categorize them has losers…

:?: Do you, once in awhile, take the time to think before you put everybody in the same category :?:


Elvis @ Thu Nov 17, 2005 1:49 pm

My opinion of Boiclair.

If you listen to the media spin he is a loser, weak, the PQ is divided etc....

If you have taken the time to listen to his victory speach for yourself and maybe listen to the guy for yourself without the spin from RDI and La press on peut se rendre compte assez facilement que ce gars là a de la classe et du charisme. Il est raisonnable dans sont aproche et appel aux consensus des autres membre de la course à la direction du PQ.

Les fédéralist en ont tellement peur qu'ils ont même essayés de faire croire aux gens que sont diplôme d'Harvard était bidon. Franchement il faut le faire. Petigrew en pête les plombs! Et KiKi le fédéralist (André Pratt de la press) Dis n'importe quoi. Pour le moment j'ai l'impression qu' André les laisse se pendre avec leur propre corde.


Numure @ Thu Dec 15, 2005 6:09 am

Yeah, sure, those that make their choices based on whatever they feed them on TV.. that makes me nervous..

However i know a lot of ex-separatists who now are federalists and don't want to know anything else about separatism and then again you got those old people that want to separate and they don't even know why.

The majority of the younger generations support Seperatism, by a huge margin. Its the older generations that Support federalism. The only generation that is split, are the baby boomers.


Gazz @ Mon Jul 10, 2006 5:55 am

Numure Tht not true evrywhere and what do you call the new generation ??



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