Liberals apologize after hiding $183K in contracts awarded to environmental group
The Liberal government has been forced to apologize after coming clean about concealing nearly $200,000 in contracts awarded to an environmental group.
Australia fires were far worse than any prediction
The Australian bushfires were more catastrophic than any simulation of our changing climate predicted. This is the conclusion of researchers who described the devastation as a "fiery wake-up call for climate science".

CommentPolitical | 11:13 AM on Wednesday
A look at some of the major energy projects over the past few years that never saw the light of day
CommentFunny | 11:05 AM on Wednesday
CommentBusiness | 8:33 AM on Wednesday
Alberta's oilpatch was dealt another devastating blow this week with Teck Resources'decision to pull the plug on its Frontier project, a move that has some analysts wondering whether the sector has a future in the long term.
CommentProvincial Politics | 7:10 AM on Wednesday
Quaecumque vera. It's the motto of the University of Alberta, my alma mater. It means whatsoever things are true, and for more than a century, Alberta students and researchers and professors have engaged in a collective project in its pursuit. Quaecum
CommentBusiness | 7:08 AM on Wednesday
While Calgary's downtown vacancy rate has improved ever so slightly from its 25.7 per cent high in 2017, there are four buildings in the core with no office tenants whatsoever. The most significant of the four is at 801 Seventh Avenue S.W. — formerly
CommentProvincial Politics | 6:51 AM on Wednesday
For about 50 per cent of Calgarians, opening the most recent electricity bill was an unpleasant surprise. Rates have shot up about 19 per cent. And we just came through a brutal cold snap. Some consumers saw their bills double from the previous month.
CommentMisc World | 5:31 AM on Wednesday
A forgotten passageway used by prime ministers and political luminaries - and closed up by Victorian labourers - has been uncovered in Parliament. Historians working on the renovation of the House of Commons found the lost 360-year-old passageway, hidd
CommentBusiness | 11:08 AM on Tuesday
14 Indigenous communities lost out on potential jobs and benefits agreements with Teck for the project
CommentPolitical | 10:54 AM on Tuesday
In a 4-1 majority decision, the Alberta Court of Appeal has deemed the federal Liberals' carbon tax to be unconstitutional.
CommentEnvironmental | 10:12 AM on Tuesday
A team of researchers at the University of Ottawa is closing in on a new carbon capture technology capable of absorbing the industrial byproduct before it hits the atmosphere. 
CommentMilitary | 10:00 AM on Tuesday
The federal government has spent slightly more than $1.01 billion over the last seven years on design and preparatory contracts for the navy's new frigates and supply ships — and the projects still haven't bought anything that floats.
CommentPolitical | 7:52 AM on Monday
Dozens of electoral district associations affiliated with the People's Party of Canada have been deregistered by Elections Canada for failing to meet their reporting requirements, just months after the party contested its first general election.
CommentEnvironmental | 8:46 AM on Monday
New Study: A Massive Cooling Of 2°C In 8 Years (2008-2016) Has Jolted Large Regions Of The North Atlantic
CommentEnvironmental | 7:24 AM on Monday
We’re off to a hot start in 2020, with January setting a new mark as the warmest instance of that month on record for the globe. And as NOAA pointed out in its monthly summary released Thursday, that occurred without the warming influence of an El Niño in
CommentEnvironmental | 7:33 AM on Monday
The real climate crisis may be global cooling, not warming, and it may have started.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:46 PM on Sunday
Vancouver-based Teck Resources has withdrawn its application to build a massive oilsands project in northern Alberta.
CommentLaw & Order | 4:53 PM on Saturday
Everyone is yelling at Justin Trudeau, but no one has proposed a lasting solution that doesn't involve the OPP doing its job
CommentLaw & Order | 4:53 PM on Saturday
Everyone is yelling at Justin Trudeau, but no one has proposed a lasting solution that doesn't involve the OPP doing its job
CommentShowbiz | 10:07 AM on Saturday
Production spent $22 million on local labour, creating 1,450 jobs for local cast and crew when it spent 53 days filming in B.C. two years ago.
CommentHealth | 10:04 AM on Saturday
A Castlegar tomcat that took on a Castlegar bobcat is being saluted for his outsize bravery, as well as treated for his extensive injuries.
CommentTech | 9:10 AM on Saturday
Privacy protection officials in Canada have announced an investigation into the facial recognition software at the centre of controversy among police services, including Toronto.
CommentMisc World | 9:09 AM on Saturday
Next Friday, dozens of men and women will again pour down the ramps of Paddington Green police station and take to the streets. But this time, they will be a mob of masked anarchists.
CommentPolitical | 2:24 AM on Saturday
The FBI arrested a man linked to former Rep. Katie Hill’s campaign on Friday for allegedly hacking one of Hill’s 2018 primary opponents.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:14 PM on Friday
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government is asking Parliament to spend an additional $2.1 billion on Indigenous programs and initiatives, above and beyond what MPs already have approved.
CommentHealth | 11:18 AM on Friday
So far this season,105 children have died from the flu, according to data released Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is the highest number of child flu deaths at this point in the season since the CDC started keeping record
CommentProvincial Politics | 8:45 AM on Friday
The launch of a new unified family court, an initiative to streamline the duplication and complexity of family law cases, has been put on hold indefinitely by the Alberta government. Family lawyers were told about the suspension at Court of Queen's Be
CommentLaw & Order | 8:32 AM on Friday
A judge in Ontario's Superior Court has ruled that three parts of Canada's prostitution laws violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Justice Thomas McKay ruled that the laws, which prohibit procuring, advertising and materially benefiting from som
CommentMisc World | 4:18 AM on Friday
The UK's departure has left the bloc with a €75billion (£63billion) hole in its finances and the budget battle has exposed bitter divisions between EU members.
CommentStrange | 10:20 AM on Thursday
US customs officers made an unusual discovery when they carried out a spot check on a Canadian mail truck - a human brain inside a jar.
CommentHealth | 10:08 AM on Thursday
Doctors from around Alberta say ballooning wait times for publicly funded MRI and CT scans are putting patients at risk. They're calling on the province and Alberta Health Services to address the backlog.