'Everybody's in the dark': How the U.S. government shutdown is starting to hurt Canada
The longest shutdown in American history has halted the flow of vital data to Canadian farmersalready battling with trade uncertainty from the U.S.China conflict
The woman to whom Tony Clement sent explicit images was really two guys from Africa, police say
Tony Clement was a member of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians at the time he was corresponding with 'Brianna Dounia'

CommentLaw & Order | 6:11 AM on Wednesday
‘There is nothing in that decision that would leave society to be any safer than it was when (William Shrubsall) was first designated a dangerous offender’
CommentMilitary | 5:48 AM on Wednesday
A fighter pilot has been fined $2,000 after pleading guilty at a court martial to flying his CF-18 jet too low during a training mission in which his wingman died in a crash.
CommentBusiness | 5:46 AM on Wednesday
The Alberta government is providing a $440-million loan guarantee to help a Calgary-based company build a bitumen upgrader east of Edmonton.
CommentLaw & Order | 5:12 AM on Wednesday
The Canadian government has shared more than 1.6 million Canadian banking records with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service since the start of a controversial information sharing agreement in 2014, CBC News has learned.
CommentMilitary | 4:52 AM on Wednesday
Lawyers will be back in court at the end of the month dealing with the ongoing quest for documents that Vice Admiral Mark Norman needs to defend himself against one count of breach of trust.
CommentPolitical | 1:23 PM on Tuesday
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is defending the Liberal approach to asylum seekers, insisting the Conservatives' proposed alternatives are "half-baked" and impractical.
CommentHealth | 7:45 AM on Tuesday
Instead of eating food from four groups, Canadians are now encouraged to follow three guidelines on: what to eat regularly, what to avoid, and the importance of cooking and preparing meals at home.
CommentTech | 7:40 AM on Tuesday
Ran malware on own phones as test, uploading all their WhatsApp messages, other data.
CommentMisc World | 6:25 AM on Tuesday
Former U.S. marine Paul Whelan was given a flash drive containing Russian "state secrets" before he was arrested in Moscow on suspicion of spying, but did not know he had them and had not looked at them, the lawyer for Whelan, who has U.S., Canadian and o
CommentMisc World | 6:12 AM on Tuesday
A new study suggests Greenland ice has hit a new tipping point with unprecedented melting since the early 2000s — and this will have consequences for East Coast cities.
CommentFunny | 5:13 AM on Tuesday
The Nova Scotia owner of the Zamboni that's the subject of a widely shared photo on Facebook says powerful winds from a winter storm that blew through the area Sunday into Monday slid the ice resurfacing machine into the ditch.
CommentLaw & Order | 2:50 PM on Monday
Between 1999 and 2016, the government signed three security certificates naming Jaballah, all of which ultimately failed to stand up in court
CommentStrange | 12:07 PM on Monday
Gigu Wu, 36, who is known for her bikini-clad hiking, was found dead by search parties 28 hours after her distress call was sent out from a deep ravine close to the Yushan mountain in Taiwan.
CommentMisc World | 12:05 PM on Monday
Israel's military said it had targeted Iranian installations near the Syrian capital Damascus early today, hours after intercepting a rocket fired from Syrian territory.
CommentMisc World | 11:52 AM on Monday
The event at Parc Jean-Drapeau won't run today due to the snow and cold temperatures.
CommentBusiness | 7:33 AM on Monday
With a new Asia-Pacific trade deal slashing tariffs, Canada's pork and beef producers see even more potential in a lucrative Japanese market.
CommentBusiness | 7:26 AM on Monday
You've likely seen cookies baked in cars and eggs fried on sidewalks amid our own heat waves here at home, but with temperatures topping 40C for 37 days and counting since December 16 in some places, Aussies are finding new ways to showcase the
CommentMilitary | 7:23 AM on Monday
The case dates back to 2016 when the Canadian International Trade Tribunal ruled that the process which awarded a truck contact to Mack Defense of the U.S. was flawed
CommentPolitical | 7:23 AM on Monday
A lawyer and political activist is accusing United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney of claiming his primary residence was in Calgary while living in Ottawa, an allegation Kenney disputes.
CommentPolitical | 1:34 AM on Sunday
A massive winter storm swept across the Midwest on Friday, bound for New England, where it was projected to dump as much as 2 feet of snow over the weekend. The National Weather Service said more than 116 million people live within its path.
CommentScience | 5:59 PM on Saturday
Sky gazers are in for a treat this weekend as a ‘super blood wolf moon’ aligns with the sun and the Earth for a total lunar eclipse. Here’s how, when, and where to watch the spectacular cosmic event.
CommentLifestyle | 2:04 PM on Saturday
A dog once named the world’s cutest has died of a “broken heart.”
CommentUncle Sam | 2:03 PM on Saturday
Two middle schools in Butler County, Iowa will receive week-long intensive classes that will train students on a variety of survival skills, including gun safety beginning in the Spring.
CommentMisc CDN | 1:59 PM on Saturday
Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland’s office wouldn’t respond to specific questions about whether Asia Bibi’s children have taken asylum here
CommentShowbiz | 1:59 PM on Saturday
The soul singer says she wants to "give the anthem back its voice" and criticised Colin Kaepernick.
CommentUncle Sam | 1:55 PM on Saturday
His plan includes a concession on so-called Dreamer immigrants but Democrats have already rejected it.
CommentMisc World | 11:17 AM on Saturday
Forensic experts attempted to separate and count charred heaps of corpses in central Mexico on Saturday after a massive fireball erupted at an illegal pipeline tap, killing at least 66 people.
CommentLaw & Order | 5:01 AM on Saturday
A 20-year-old man who pleaded guilty to setting a fire that killed a baby in Edmonton has been released after spending 51 days in jail.
CommentShowbiz | 12:21 PM on Friday
Quebec’s Appeal Court is hearing arguments about whether a comedian who joked of drowning a disabled boy should have to pay damages to the child and his family.
CommentEnvironmental | 11:31 AM on Friday
Gunhild Stordalen, who funds a campaign to save the planet by drastically cutting meat consumption, has been slammed by critics who point out her globetrotting adventures increase air traffic pollution