'This isn't lingerie football': Sexist or not, Whitecaps video taken down
After some fans and Internet commenters cried foul on a new online video promoting the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer teamclub management quickly cut the clip.
Top 10 Countries with the worst air pollution ranked by World Health Organisation
THERE are some countries in the world where the air is so polluted you can forget about coming home with a healthy holiday glow.

CommentMilitary | 4:52 AM on Friday
Sources tell The Canadian Press that HMCS Algonquin, Athabaskan, Iroquois and Protecteur will be decommissioned, with an announcement expected later today.
CommentLaw & Order | 12:31 AM on Friday
A bulky, bogus cabbie trawled the Byward Market hunting for comely prey.
CommentMilitary | 12:27 AM on Friday
Members of the U.S. Air Force will no longer be required to say "so help me God" during their enlistment oath.
CommentTech | 12:21 AM on Friday
The queues outside Apple stores around the world are growing as fans line up to be the first to own the new smartphones. One place in a queue in New York has even been sold for $2,500 (£1,500).
CommentUncle Sam | 12:19 AM on Friday
The plan to fight the Islamic State has become a source of mounting tension between the president and military.
CommentLaw & Order | 12:16 AM on Friday
A newlywed couple whose Craigslist ad lured a stranger to his death were sentenced Thursday to life in prison without parole by a judge who said their “permanent removal” from society is appropriate.
CommentLifestyle | 12:10 AM on Friday
A grassroots movement has taken matters into its own hands, circulating an online list of some 60 people in Kahnawake who were allegedly violating the law
CommentReligion | 12:08 AM on Friday
‘[Francis] said ’First it was your turn and now it is our turn.’ In other words, first Jews suffered attacks that were met with the world’s silence and now it is Christians’
CommentStrange | 11:59 PM on Thursday
A SUV full of teenagers crashed in Idaho after one of the passengers lit the driver's armpit hair on fire with a lighter, authorities said Wednesday.
CommentPolitical | 9:22 PM on Thursday
As of midnight, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, whose party requested the debate, was absent — as were Prime Minister Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird
CommentMisc World | 4:49 PM on Thursday
KARACHI, Pakistan — A liberal Muslim scholar who had been accused of blasphemy for a speech he gave during a visit to the United States was shot dead in Karachi on Thursday, the city police said.
CommentPolitical | 4:03 PM on Thursday
OTTAWA—The cost of paying Conservative political staffers working in a network of satellite minister’s offices ballooned by 70 per cent during the same years the government was asking departments to tighten their belts.
CommentProvincial Politics | 2:08 PM on Thursday
'Until I write my book ... no one will really know what has truly happened,' Thomas Lukaszuk said. 'And how much worse things could have been'
CommentTech | 12:11 PM on Thursday
Apple included language in its first Transparency Report to say that it had not been subject to a Section 215 Patriot Act request. That language is now gone.
CommentBusiness | 11:37 AM on Thursday
The Liverpool University researchers said the finding shows the power of McDonald’s branding - and accused the food giant of cleverly getting round advertising rules.
CommentHealth | 11:28 AM on Thursday
Dr. Farid Fata, accused of giving chemotherapy to patients who didn't have cancer as part of an alleged scheme to bilk Medicare out of millions of dollars, has pleaded guilty to several counts of health care fraud, money laundering and conspiracy
CommentMisc World | 11:17 AM on Thursday
A new video is released showing a British man, identified as journalist John Cantlie, believed to be held hostage by Islamic State militants.
CommentHealth | 10:45 AM on Thursday
Ottawa Public Health has sent a letter to parents with children at Gisèle-Lalonde High School in Orleans warning them of possible exposure last year to a person who had tuberculosis.
CommentBusiness | 10:17 AM on Thursday
Government faces potential bill if ailing steel maker can’t restructure around a $838.7-million solvency deficit
CommentLaw & Order | 8:50 AM on Thursday
Did Edward Snowden’s revelations on NSA surveillance compromise the ability of intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist groups? Contrary to lurid claims made by U.S. officials, a new independent analysis of the subject says no. As reported by NBC:
CommentProvincial Politics | 7:44 AM on Thursday
Dr. Anny Sauvageau has raised concerns interference by provincial government representatives may affect the public's trust in the integrity of the death-investigation system, specifically in relation to deaths of children in provincial care, prison inmate
CommentMisc World | 6:53 AM on Thursday
Despite fast-flowing lava trickling down from the crater just 15 metres away, Valdimar Leifsson, 61, has captured the dramatic aftermath of Iceland's volcanic eruption.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:12 AM on Thursday
Statistics Canada published its latest population projections on Wednesday, drawing on input from demographers across the country
CommentMisc CDN | 10:40 PM on Wednesday
Former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty is lobbying the government to increase its use of one company's education technology in the province's schools.
CommentMisc World | 11:33 PM on Wednesday
Australian police launch anti-terror raids after a call from a senior Islamic State militant for "demonstration killings", PM Tony Abbott says.
CommentTech | 7:54 PM on Wednesday
A fireball that blazed across the night sky over the Rockies earlier this month likely was part of a Russian spy satellite that fell from orbit, say meteor and aerospace experts.
CommentSports | 7:51 PM on Wednesday
Steve Pearce homered twice and drove in four runs as the AL East champion Baltimore Orioles beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-1 Wednesday night for a three-game sweep. Pearce, one of the key components of Baltimore's surprising season, hit a solo shot in the t
CommentSports | 7:14 PM on Wednesday
Hockey Canada is changing its co-ed dressing room policy in Ontario after a transgender teen filed a complaint with the province's human rights commission about problems he's had using change rooms.
CommentTech | 6:21 PM on Wednesday
A Vancouver tourist, who was held up at gunpoint as he bicycled through a Buenos Aires neighbourhood managed to capture the entire incident on his Go-Pro bike-helmet cam.
CommentEnvironmental | 6:20 PM on Wednesday
A skunk with a beer can stuck on its head had to be rescued near a fraternity house in southwestern Ohio.