China travel warning: Australians told they may be at risk of arbitrary detention
Updated advice comes after Beijing accused Australia of waging ‘espionage offensive’
Former Alberta politician who gave seat up for Kenney gets Texas appointment
A former Alberta legislature member who gave up his seat for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has a new government job in Texas. Kenney has appointed Dave Rodney to the job of Alberta’s agent general. Kenney says the role is aimed at driving energy busi

CommentLaw & Order | 1:52 PM on Thursday
A Toronto police officer who claimed he was the beneficiary of a deceased person’s $800,000 has been charged, investigators say.
CommentLaw & Order | 1:23 PM on Thursday
Saying it’s the most difficult time to be a cop in decades, Durham Region’s embattled police chief Paul Martin announced his retirement on Thursday after six years in the role.
CommentBusiness | 11:27 AM on Thursday
Representatives of Alberta-based Cargill Protein say they are still "determining" how to proceed after China announced a partial ban on beef products from a number of nations around the world, including Canada.
CommentBusiness | 11:13 AM on Thursday
The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the hail, rain and wind that hit Calgary, Airdrie and Rocky View County on June 13 were part of the costliest hailstorm and the fourth most expensive insured natural disaster in Canadian history.
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The body of Park Won-soon, the missing mayor of Seoul, South Korea's capital, was found in northern Seoul early Friday, more than seven hours after police launched a massive search for him.
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Some prisoners at a Milton jail began refusing food on Monday in protest of poor conditions, including frequent lockdowns, that have worsened during the pandemic. They are protesting “arbitrary lockdowns, inadequate food portions, dirty clothes, poor v
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Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled a fiscal snapshot today that shows the federal government's deficit is expected to hit $343 billion this year — an eye-popping figure largely attributed to pandemic-related support programs that have pushed federal spe
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Canada's border agency did not know the whereabouts of tens of thousands of foreign nationals who were ordered to leave the country, according to a scathing new report from the auditor general.
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The pilot for a made-for-Netflix series is about to start shooting in the central Alberta community of Sundre.
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Dutch police arrested six men after discovering sea containers that had been converted into a makeshift prison and sound-proofed 'torture chamber' complete with a dentist's chair, tools including pliers and scalpels and handcuffs, a high ranking officer a
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A newly-discovered comet dubbed NEOWISE will be visible this week to the naked eye. It's the first visible comet of 2020.
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Finance Minister Bill Morneau will forecast a deficit in excess of $300-billion Wednesday, sources say, as the government announces for the first time how shutting down large swaths of the economy and spending billions on emergency pandemic programs is af
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Watchdog says it’s still investigating the AI collector of billions of faces and personal info.
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Iranian officials say cyber sabotage may be behind the blaze, which damaged a key nuclear facility.
CommentProvincial Politics | 10:51 AM on Tuesday
An omnibus bill introduced in the Alberta legislature Monday would make it easier for doctors to opt in to alternative contracts with the government and streamline the process for more private facilities to perform surgeries across the province.
CommentProvincial Politics | 10:49 AM on Tuesday
Temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared to a record average for June amid a heat wave that is stoking some of the worst wildfires the region has ever known, European Union data shows.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:35 AM on Tuesday
In a desperate economic moment, Alberta is abruptly reshaping a decades-old balance in the Rockies and Foothills, chasing opportunity in the volatile market of coal exports, at the risk of the very land that defines the province and its people.
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Marguerite Trussler's report found that Dough Schweitzer, his family or any direct associates had nothing to gain from Steve Allan's appointment.
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Edouard became the earliest fifth-named storm on record to develop in the Atlantic, but its designation and strength isn't expected to last long as it churns towards the North Atlantic.
CommentLaw & Order | 7:32 AM on Tuesday
Amy Cooper, the white woman who called the police during a videotaped dispute with a Black birdwatcher in Central Park after he asked her to put her dog on a leash, was charged Monday with filing a false report.
CommentEnvironmental | 6:56 AM on Tuesday
Glacier scientists are investigating the appearance of pink ice at Italy's Presena Glacier, an Alpine region known for skiing and outdoor sports. Research suggests the algae could contribute to increased glacial melt.
CommentLaw & Order | 5:47 AM on Tuesday
Canada’s privacy watchdog said facial recognition software provider Clearview AI Inc. will no longer offer its services in the country, suspending a contract with its last remaining client, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
CommentBusiness | 3:46 PM on Monday
TORONTO -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned down a White House invitation to celebrate the new regional free trade agreement in Washington with U.S President Donald Trump and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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Researchers studying the quantity of microplastics in the ocean in Atlantic Canada say some of the major sources of the puny pieces of plastic come from fishing gear and single-use plastics.
CommentEnvironmental | 8:35 AM on Monday
The arrival of pelicans in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, was a surprise, but it's a sign of healthy pelican colonies in general, and in particular of the colony near Fort Smith, N.W.T.
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Canadian shipments of barley to China rose in May as the Asian nation slapped anti-dumping duties on the grain from Australia, its top supplier
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Users are reporting on various platforms that when their PCs and laptops are restarting after installing a Windows 10 update, they are welcomed by a full-screen splash page that welcomes them to the world of the new Microsoft Edge web browser. There is no
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One of two people hit by a a vehicle that drove onto a closed Seattle highway and into a crowd protesting police brutality has died.
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During a conversation held Wednesday night on the invite-only Clubhouse app—an audio social network popular with venture capitalists and celebrities—entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan, several Andreessen Horowitz venture capitalists, and, for some reason, tel