Syrian behind Peace by Chocolate becomes a Canadian citizen
Cheers erupted today at Halifax's Pier 21 as the founder of a growing AntigonishN.S.chocolate company who came to Canada as a refugee from Syria became a Canadian citizen.
'I stood up for … my rights : Lawsuit dropped against landowner
The rural Alberta landowner who became a lightning rod for the debate over property rights learned Thursday that he's no longer being sued by a trespasser he shotand has also dropped his suit against the other man.

CommentScience | 11:01 AM on Friday
Top Russian Scientist: "We Should Fear A Deep Temperature Drop — Not Global Warming" -- Global temperatures have dropped 0.64C since the start of 2016
CommentMisc World | 10:31 AM on Friday
London-born actor Derek Fowlds played Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister and Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat.
CommentHistory | 7:09 AM on Friday
Tens of thousands of Muslims fought for the Nazis in World War Two. DW spoke with historian David Motadel about whether pragmatism or anti-Semitism drove Adolf Hitler's overtures and why some Muslim leaders backed him.
CommentMisc World | 7:02 AM on Friday
The person detained is believed to be facing charges relating to national security.
CommentMisc World | 6:59 AM on Friday
Shifa al-Nima, a big capture, was hauled from his bolthole in Mosul, Iraq, by security forces. Dubbed the terror group's Jabba the Hutt, the so-called religious leader had ordered executions.
CommentMilitary | 3:28 PM on Thursday
A ceremonial keel laying event for the first Joint Support Ship was held Thursday at Seaspan’s North Vancouver shipyard.
CommentLaw & Order | 2:37 PM on Thursday
The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously dismissed British Columbia's appeal of the Trans Mountain pipeline.
CommentScience | 8:09 AM on Thursday
Astronomers have discovered another candidate exoplanet orbiting our neighbor Proxima Centauri. A paper announcing these results was just published in the journal Science Advances. If confirmed, it will be the second exoplanet discovered to be orbiting th
CommentFunny | 12:20 AM on Thursday
Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, 27, found out the truth when his bride was caught stealing a TV from a neighbour and was searched by police.
CommentUncle Sam | 12:18 AM on Thursday
The U.S. House has sent two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate and approved House prosecutors for only the third impeachment trial in American history.
CommentMisc World | 3:59 PM on Wednesday
The surprise move came after President Vladimir Putin announced plans to change the constitution.
CommentHealth | 3:57 PM on Wednesday
When psychologist Dr. Cindy Hardy informed a judge that a nine-year-old B.C. boy might deliberately hurt himself if he had to visit his dad in Alberta, she did so without ever speaking to the father.
CommentMisc World | 3:40 PM on Wednesday
CommentPolitical | 12:06 PM on Wednesday
Prominent Conservative Peter MacKay is running for Conservative party leadership.
CommentHealth | 9:24 AM on Wednesday
Tine Nys's family say her request to die after a relationship ended should never have been granted.
CommentMilitary | 9:03 AM on Wednesday
The federal government is planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars more to ensure Canada's aging CF-18s can still fight while the country waits for replacement jets, which were originally expected years ago.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:53 AM on Wednesday
California and Australia share a common enemy: overzealous environmental regulation. In both places, the unintended consequences of a radical environmentalist agenda has been massive wildfires.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:42 AM on Wednesday
Today we look at Canadian temperature trends using the data from the Japan Meteorological Institute (JMA) for stations where they have data available going back to at least the mid 1990s. The data hardly show the trends you’d expect from a place that is
CommentEnvironmental | 7:37 AM on Wednesday
The previous record-holder was the year 2008, when the sun was blank for 268 days. That was during the epic Solar Minimum of 2008-2009, formerly the deepest of the Space Age. Now 2019 has moved into first place. Solar Minimum is a normal part of the 11
CommentHealth | 6:47 AM on Wednesday
It seems a lot of Canadians have something to say about medical assistance in dying. In just over 24 hours, more than 37,900 people filled out the federal government's new online survey on changing the assisted dying regime, according to the office of
CommentMisc World | 6:30 AM on Wednesday
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev submitted his resignation to President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, Tass news agency reports. Russian news agencies said Putin thanked Medvedev for his service, but noted the prime minister's cabinet failed to ful
CommentTech | 5:40 AM on Wednesday
Your car knows all about you – your habits, where you like to go and when, and maybe even what sort of temperament you have. Cameras inside cars even track your eyes to see whether you’re watching the road.
CommentMisc World | 7:55 AM on Tuesday
The devastating wave of wildfires ravaging Australia has rekindled interest in an unsolicited proposal dropped on the Canadian government four years ago: a call for Canada and Australia to develop and share a couple of strategic water bomber squadrons.
CommentLaw & Order | 7:01 AM on Tuesday
Butch Chiniquay was only months into a lengthy prison sentence in the death of his girlfriend, Charmaine Wesley, when senior officials in Alberta's Justice Ministry obtained a report that might have exonerated him.
CommentBusiness | 1:32 AM on Tuesday
The CEO of Maple Leaf Foods, Michael McCain, called on parliamentarians to back off on calling for sanctions for Chinese officials last month, according to a copy of a letter obtained by CTV News.
CommentMisc World | 1:30 AM on Tuesday
Tensions between the Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guard spilled into the open on Monday as the president’s office accused the elite military force of misleading them over the accidental shooting down of a civilian airliner.
CommentUncle Sam | 11:14 AM on Monday
For decades, critics of U.S. foreign policy have claimed it's largely built around securing control of foreign oil. Donald Trump is doing his best to prove them right.
CommentTech | 6:47 AM on Monday
Parking meters, cash registers and a professional wrestling video game have fallen foul of a computer glitch related to the Y2K bug. The Y2020 bug, which has taken many payment and computer systems offline, is a long-lingering side effect of attempts t
CommentUncle Sam | 6:45 AM on Monday
The CEO of Maple Leaf Foods spoke out against the United States government days after an Iranian missile accidentally shot down a Ukrainian jetliner, killing all 176 people on board — including, he said, the family of a company employee.
CommentPolitical | 3:43 PM on Sunday
Wexit officially became an eligible political party at the federal level on Friday.