The DOG accused of a hate crime after fouling outside a home in just one of 2,500 cases probed
Police notes recorded'An unknown dog has fouled outside of victim address and victim perceived this to be a racial incident.The Met had more than 2,500 complaints for hate crime in 2015 and 2016.
Canada's defence spending questioned at NATO parliamentary meeting
The deputy minister of national defence has told a NATO meeting in Halifax that Canada is satisfied it is spending what it requires to meet its alliance and other military commitments.

CommentBusiness | 8:01 AM on Monday
Employers in the service industry are reporting 'worst ever' conditions for finding new staff.
CommentHealth | 7:17 AM on Monday
The percentage of children under 2 years old who haven't received any vaccinations has quadrupled since 2001, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CommentMisc CDN | 7:07 AM on Monday
The principal of a Toronto private boys' school at the centre of a police probe following allegations that students have been assaulted or sexually assaulted on camera said there is a problem at the school and it needs to do better.
CommentTech | 6:53 AM on Monday
EFF and MuckRock have filed hundreds of public records requests with law enforcement agencies around the country to reveal how data collected from automated license plate readers (ALPR) is used to track the travel patterns of drivers. We focused exclusive
CommentTech | 6:52 AM on Monday
It was just before midnight when I made the impulsive decision that would transform me into the world’s most useless cyborg. My friend and I had just left a free concert at the 25th annual Def Con, the world’s largest hacker conference, and were roamin
CommentLaw & Order | 1:27 PM on Sunday
Alyssa Noceda was 18. As she overdosed, Brian Varela raped her and sent joking texts to friends.
CommentBusiness | 1:15 PM on Sunday
Government looking at new ways for Canadian newspapers to innovate and receive charitable status
CommentMisc World | 1:10 PM on Sunday
Germany's Interior Ministry is considering resuming deportations to Syria despite the still-volatile situation in the war-torn country. Violent criminals among Syrians should be repatriated, German conservatives say.
CommentLifestyle | 1:04 PM on Sunday
Canada Goose Holdings Inc. wants its customers to know what real cold feels like — from the comfort of a $1,000 parka.
CommentLifestyle | 12:52 PM on Sunday
The vote happened Saturday morning, during the party's three-day convention in Toronto.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:29 PM on Sunday
Canada is on track to receive its highest number of refugee claims since record-keeping began nearly three decades ago, the latest data shows
CommentLaw & Order | 3:28 PM on Saturday
The woman who was filmed going on a drunken, racist rant on an Air India flight Saturday has been identified.
CommentLifestyle | 3:27 PM on Saturday
Health Minister Adrian Dix says the trans community has advocated for a number of years for improved access to care for the complex surgeries in B.C.
CommentScience | 3:08 PM on Saturday
An international team of scientists has found one of the largest impact craters on Earth, buried a kilometre under the ice in Greenland. It's evidence of a catastrophic collision that could have happened at the same time as humans were spreading into Nort
CommentPolitical | 3:07 PM on Saturday
The union representing postal workers has just rejected an offer from Canada Post. It now seems the Crown corporation will head into its busiest time of year mired in a labour dispute.
CommentEnvironmental | 3:03 PM on Saturday
Last year, 12,812 hectares of B.C. forest was sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate. It's an annual event — a mass extermination of broadleaf trees mandated by the province.
CommentLaw & Order | 3:02 PM on Saturday
The Trump administration denied on Saturday it had reached a final determination in the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, despite numerous media reports that said the CIA had concluded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered a hit on the d
CommentLaw & Order | 4:48 PM on Friday
B.C.’s auto crimes police released a video Thursday of the arrests of a trio at a McDonald’s drive-thru after the “bait car” they were in suddenly turned off.
CommentLaw & Order | 10:43 AM on Friday
The Nicola Valley Search and Rescue team’s compound Merritt and command vehicle were broken into twice in two days over the weekend.
CommentLaw & Order | 10:35 AM on Friday
Two Vancouver men are facing charges of theft after RCMP in Coquitlam, B.C., say they arrested the pair for allegedly stealing a shopping cart loaded with $1,400 worth of butter
CommentMisc CDN | 8:40 AM on Friday
A Penticton couple vacation-bound for Paradise, California decide to help wildfire victims. Destinee and Paul Klyne of Penticton, B.C. had planned a restful break in the Northern California town for mid-November, but then a deadly wildfire erupted, destr
CommentBusiness | 7:54 AM on Friday
The head of one of the country's largest oilsands producers says Canada's oil price woes are reaching an "emergency situation," and on Wednesday saw his company's call for production cuts echoed by a competitor.
CommentBusiness | 7:49 AM on Friday
The waves crashing into the rugged coastline of Newfoundland caused waves on a Natural Resource Canada's seismometer in St. John's.
CommentShowbiz | 7:26 AM on Friday
Zacary James was born a few generations too late for Motown but that hasn’t stopped the 11-year-old singer from hitting the perfect notes on a classic from the catalog.
CommentMisc CDN | 7:25 AM on Friday
'I've walked for 10 years and I hiked the Trans Canada trail,' Dana Meise told CBC at a stop along the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway.
CommentMisc CDN | 6:21 AM on Friday
A record number of US citizens applied for asylum in Canada during 2017, the most since 1994. A total of 2,550 US citizens applied for asylum Canada in 2017 — six times more than in 2016, according to data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Can
CommentLaw & Order | 5:57 AM on Friday
Bela Kosoian was in a subway station in the Montreal suburb of Laval in 2009 when a police officer told her to respect a pictogram with the instruction, "hold the handrail."
CommentUncle Sam | 5:55 AM on Friday
The U.S. Justice Department inadvertently named Julian Assange in a court filing in an unrelated case, suggesting prosecutors have prepared charges against the WikiLeaks founder under seal.
CommentTech | 5:53 AM on Friday
Lancaster students win £30,000 prize for O-Wind turbine after scooping UK equivalent
CommentUncle Sam | 11:45 AM on Thursday
Country star Roy Clark, the legendary singer and guitar player who headlined the cornpone TV show "Hee Haw" for nearly a quarter century has died. He was 85.