A mysterious fog has shrouded Newfoundland for days. Here's why
Here's the science behind the mist blocking sunlight from hitting swaths of the island.
Bad software is turning some Mustang Mach-Es into ‘electric bricks’
Some early Mustang Mach-Es have a software problem that causes the 12-volt battery to diemaking it impossible to start the electric SUV without jumping it which is a processFord has come up with a fixbut only dealers can make it.

CommentProvincial Politics | 10:43 AM on Friday
The Alberta government must pull back its new Forest Act before it becomes law next month, says the grand chief of the province's northern First Nations.
CommentMisc World | 6:40 AM on Friday
Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth, died today at 99. He was the longest-serving royal consort in British history.
CommentLaw & Order | 9:40 AM on Wednesday
No one was hurt, but pockmarks from the bullets were left in the glass of the Centre Communautaire Islamique Assahaba, on Belanger St. in eastern Montreal, the mosque said in a Facebook post.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:59 AM on Wednesday
Rigolet's Eldred Allen and his drone company Bird's Eye Inc. are keeping tabs on changing ice conditions, and helping keep people safe.
CommentHealth | 6:56 AM on Wednesday
The death toll of a neurological disease found only in New Brunswick has risen from a previously reported five people to six, according to the neurologist leading the province's investigation.
CommentMisc World | 6:00 AM on Wednesday
Two main parties are divided over a giant project that would dig for uranium and other minerals
CommentEnvironmental | 5:54 AM on Wednesday
Sun and wind generated 60% of all electricity on Monday, data shows
CommentMisc World | 10:26 PM on Tuesday
Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic and testing its newest weapons in a region freshly ice-free due to the climate emergency, in a bid to secure its northern coast and open up a key shipping route from Asia to Europe.
CommentPolitical | 7:33 PM on Tuesday
He was the young Muslim mayor of a big western city, a kid from the city's northeast with an academic pedigree, a very active Twitter account and a penchant for the colour purple. On Tuesday, however, the geeky outsider-turned-insider announced he would n
CommentMilitary | 9:57 AM on Tuesday
The Canadian Forces is taking another step in acquiring new camouflage uniforms.
CommentMilitary | 9:54 AM on Tuesday
Industry sources said Canada also received a response to its request for proposals from Boeing.
CommentMilitary | 5:54 AM on Tuesday
A fire broke out at the Environment Canada weather station near Iqaluit's airport Monday afternoon.
CommentBusiness | 7:50 AM on Monday
The giant airships promise to lower the cost of northern shipping. However, there's no flying prototype yet.
CommentLaw & Order | 7:38 AM on Monday
The growing privacy concerns around using transcription services like, Descript, and Trint
CommentMisc World | 7:30 AM on Monday
Hundreds of people have been ordered to evacuate because Piney Point waste water reservoir 'could collapse'
CommentMilitary | 6:31 AM on Monday
An internal Defence Department report has pulled back the curtain on the damage caused by an errant test on one of Canada's four submarines last year, suggesting some of the damage is permanent and could continue to pose a risk over the long term.
CommentEnvironmental | 6:14 AM on Monday
Research shows rising temperatures since 1960s have acted as handbrake to agricultural yield of crops and livestock
CommentLaw & Order | 1:48 PM on Saturday
Thousands of demonstrators joined rallies across Britain on Saturday against a proposed law that would give police extra powers to curb protests, with some scuffles breaking out following a march in London.
CommentTech | 1:26 PM on Saturday
A leaker says they are offering information on more than 500 million Facebook Inc users - including phone numbers and other data - virtually for free.
CommentLaw & Order | 11:47 AM on Friday
A car rammed into two Capitol Police officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol on Friday afternoon, and the driver got out of the vehicle while appearing to brandish a knife before being shot by authorities, two law enforcement officials told The A
CommentShowbiz | 6:14 AM on Friday
A Calgary artist is busy passing down a centuries-old tradition for Easter this year. Cathy Reitz, a pysanka artist, creates intricate Ukrainian easter eggs.
CommentPolitical | 6:10 AM on Friday
Alabama's Senate has rejected a bill that would have reversed a 28-year ban on practising yoga in public schools
CommentMisc World | 5:59 AM on Friday
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Moscow of building up troops on his country's border.
CommentMisc World | 5:58 AM on Friday
A train partially derailed in eastern Taiwan on Friday after being hit by an unmanned vehicle that had rolled down a hill, killing 48 people on the first day of a long holiday weekend as many people travelled to their hometowns.
CommentHealth | 5:54 AM on Friday
Spasms, memory loss and hallucinations among symptoms of patients, mostly in Acadian peninsula of New Brunswick province
CommentMisc World | 7:47 AM on Thursday
Media tycoon Jimmy Lai and veteran politician Martin Lee are among those facing time in prison.
CommentMilitary | 7:29 AM on Thursday
The Western military alliance says it responded to an "unusual peak of flights" in several areas.
CommentEnvironmental | 7:19 AM on Thursday
Emails drafted in 2019 and 2020, obtained by Radio-Canada's Enquête investigative program, reveal a group of business executives have been discussing a secretive project to bury nuclear waste from foreign countries in Labrador.
CommentEnvironmental | 6:48 AM on Thursday
A new study (Hanna et al., 2021) affirms a significant warming trend occurred in the late 20th century across Greenland, mirroring the warming that occurred in the early 20th century. Since 2001, the temperature trends across Greenland have stopped rising
CommentMilitary | 4:24 PM on Wednesday
The military's head of personnel — one of the more prominent leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces — is on indefinite leave with pay as he faces an investigation over an allegation of rape that dates back almost three decades.&