Do civilians with guns ever stop mass shootings'
Backers of laws that let pretty much all law-abiding people carry concealed guns in public places often argue that these laws will sometimes enable people to stop mass shootingsOpponents occasionally askIf that’s sowhat examples can one give of civi
Suspected Mafia boss deported in renewed push from Canada and Italy against the mob
For two years from inside a Canadian prisonCarmelo Bruzzese denied being a Mafia boss from Italy who was a link between powerful criminal clans in both countriesbut his appeals ended Friday with an unappreciated flight to Rome where Italian police wer

CommentPolitical | 7:15 AM on Tuesday
The Harper government forged a partnership with a major Canadian accounting association at the same time as the group was fighting the CRA in court to shield the files of multimillionaires who had stashed money offshore.
CommentPolitical | 5:57 PM on Monday
Passions inflamed in Quebec and are likely to continue despite a unanimous vote condemning Islamophobia.
CommentReligion | 12:27 AM on Monday
New etiquette guidelines reveal how heating up a sausage roll in the microwave and storing a bacon sandwich in the communal office fridge could cause offense in the workplace.
CommentLifestyle | 12:22 AM on Monday
This afternoon’s planned protest against east London’s controversial Jack the Ripper Museum has been cancelled, its organisers have announced. A statement on the Class War Official Facebook page posted last night reads: “We believe the police are intendin
CommentLifestyle | 12:18 AM on Monday
The coach of the women’s softball team at a Christian college in Rockland County tried to turn his players into porn stars by offering to help them get jobs in...
CommentHealth | 12:15 AM on Monday
A discovery in mice could pave the way to a reversible, non-hormonal form of birth control for men, researchers report. The findings, published online Oct. 1 in the journal Science
CommentSports | 2:02 PM on Sunday
ST. PETERSBURG -- Joey Butler hit two home runs, including a grand slam in a nine-run Rays first inning, as the Blue Jays missed their shot at home-field advantage throughout the postseason with a 12-3 loss on Sunday afternoon at Tropicana Field. Toronto
CommentLaw & Order | 12:59 AM on Sunday
A man who wore pink tights, a lace shirt, a feather boa and a ball-and-chain during his bachelor party has been ordered by a B.C. judge to pay more than half a million dollars in damages after pushing another man who teased him.
CommentUncle Sam | 12:57 AM on Sunday
Army veteran Chris Mintz was shot five times protecting classmates from the deranged mass murderer who killed 10 people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on Thursday. Now Americans are rallying to help Mintz, as a GoFundMe campaign has raised more tha
CommentMisc CDN | 12:53 AM on Sunday
Walter, a husky-greyhound-pitbull puppy, was just six days old when someone sliced off his left ear. Two days later, on Aug. 25, they took scissors to the pup’s right cheek and cut all the way to the top of his jawbone, leaving him unable to eat and as go
CommentMilitary | 12:52 AM on Sunday
A crowd came to New Westminster’s Hyack Square Saturday to commemorate a magical photograph celebrated around the world.
CommentReligion | 12:43 AM on Sunday
Nissar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their six children (pictured) have suffered appalling abuse at the hands of their neighbours who regard them as 'blasphemers' and attack them in the street.
CommentScience | 12:40 AM on Sunday
A Michigan farmer has made a mammoth find while digging in a field.
CommentMilitary | 12:39 AM on Sunday
Anders Fogh Rasmussen says while Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were problematic, ‘inaction may be more costly’ in Syria
CommentMisc World | 12:37 AM on Sunday
Government passes new law that will ensure resources are backing bona fide refugees
CommentPolitical | 12:20 AM on Sunday
Two new opinion polls show the emergence of a two-way race nationally between the Conservatives and the Liberals primarily because of signs of an “orange crash” for the NDP in Quebec.
CommentLaw & Order | 12:12 AM on Sunday
Throngs of Palestinians took to the streets on Thursday night to celebrate the brutal slaying of an Israeli couple in a shooting attack in the West Bank. The festivities included the launching of fireworks and the waving of flags in the streets, Ofir
CommentMilitary | 7:35 PM on Saturday
An airstrike apparently by U.S. forces that killed at least 19 people in an Afghan hospital run by Médecins Sans Frontières "may amount to a war crime," the UN's human rights chief says.
CommentShowbiz | 1:46 PM on Saturday
John Lennon was voted the seventh greatest Briton of all time, but DOMINIC SANDBROOK argues that his only driving thought was: 'Me, me, me.'
CommentEnvironmental | 1:34 PM on Saturday
While the drought has most of us conserving water, one home in Bel Air guzzled nearly 12 million gallons of water in just one year. News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of LA/OC
CommentScience | 1:29 PM on Saturday
The SpaceX founder said the plan would use a new type of 'nuclear pulse bomb' to create two suns in the Martian atmosphere to warm the planet.
CommentMisc World | 1:28 PM on Saturday
Rejecting China’s "Great Wall of Sand," the U.S. Navy will patrol near man-made islands constructed by Beijing.
CommentMisc World | 1:11 PM on Saturday
Eurotunnel services were suspended after a "large and co-ordinated" group" of migrants stormed the tracks, services won't resume until after 10am
CommentBusiness | 12:41 PM on Saturday
President Xi Jinping said a terse "no" when Zuckerberg asked if the president would give the baby an honorary Chinese name.
CommentBusiness | 12:38 PM on Saturday
Flooding on the US East Coast remains a concern through Monday, especially in parts of North and South Carolina that already have received up to 11 inches of rain this week.
CommentMisc CDN | 12:22 PM on Saturday
A top paramedic says the fatal crash that claimed the lives of three children and their grandfather north of Toronto has had an unprecedented impact on the well being of first responders.
CommentFunny | 12:11 PM on Saturday
A B.C. two-year-old who used to be scared of monsters under her bed is now sleeping soundly, thanks to a special 'monster spray' from the local pharmacy.
CommentBusiness | 11:31 AM on Saturday
In May of 2010, Canadians turned on their televisions to see Amanda Lang interview Claudia Opdenkelder on CBC’s The National about an issue of grave importance: Discrimination against cougars.
CommentMisc World | 11:26 AM on Saturday
BERLIN (AFP) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel could win this year's Nobel Peace Prize, the influential Bild newspaper said Friday, as the leader is lauded worldwide for her courage in opening her country's doors to refugees fleeing war and persecution.
CommentUncle Sam | 11:25 AM on Saturday
In total, America had accepted just 727 fleeing Christians at the start of 2015 - a fraction of the 4,200 Muslims granted asylum - and few since.