Pentagon Surveilling Americans Without a Warrant, Senator Reveals
A letter obtained by Motherboard discusses internet browsinglocationand other forms of data.
B.C. drug bust: Dismantled lab could have produced enough fentanyl in 3 weeks to kill everyone in Canada, police say
Mounties in Surrey say they have dismantled a drug lab that was capable of producing enough fentanyl on a weekly basis to kill everyone in British Columbia twicewith enough fatal doses leftover to kill half the population a third time.

CommentBusiness | 8:34 PM on Saturday
The new beer taps at The Small Axe Roadhouse bar in Enderby, B.C., includes two mannequin torsos, with a draught beer tap installed on each breast.
CommentMilitary | 6:40 PM on Saturday
Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin, who has become familiar to Canadians for his key job in the COVID-19 vaccine roll out has stepped down after being placed under military investigation.
CommentProvincial Politics | 6:13 PM on Thursday
The veteran backbencher posted a letter early Thursday thanking Kenney 'but am asking that you resign so that we can begin to put the province back together'
CommentBusiness | 9:40 AM on Thursday
Greyhound Canada is permanently cutting all bus routes across the country, shutting down the intercity bus carrier's operations in Canada after nearly a century of service.
CommentPolitical | 9:31 AM on Thursday
A lawsuit launched by the CBC against the Conservative Party of Canada in the final days of the 2019 federal election that had accused the party of copyright infringement for using the broadcaster's footage in an online ad and tweets has been dismissed by
CommentPolitical | 8:13 AM on Thursday
Former finance minister Bill Morneau breached the Conflict of Interest Act by failing to recuse himself from cabinet deliberations on the WE Charity summer student grants contract, but the prime minister did not breach the act, according to an investigati
CommentPolitical | 8:06 AM on Thursday
A Michigan GOP lawmaker introduced a bill that would require "fact checkers" to register with the state and post a $1 million fidelity bond to publish.
CommentBusiness | 7:49 AM on Thursday
Chinese corporations are defaulting on local bonds at the fastest pace on record, as authorities ramp up efforts to introduce more financial discipline and transparency in the world’s second-largest debt market.
CommentMisc CDN | 7:46 AM on Thursday
There's a disruption in internet, long-distance calling and television services in the Yukon and the Northern British Columbia area, according to a Northwestel spokesperson. All three territories are facing long-distance landline call disruptions.
CommentPolitical | 7:33 AM on Thursday
The CBC has learned Manitoba's premier got a tax break from the Costa Rican government on money he owed — a tax settlement Brian Pallister denies knowing anything about.
CommentMilitary | 5:54 AM on Thursday
A Quebec man who served with the Canadian Armed Forces reserves and cadets for three decades has been expelled from one of the military's highest honours after it was discovered he was wearing medals he was never awarded.
CommentBusiness | 3:09 PM on Wednesday
Economists and petroleum analysts say whatever fuel remains would see a significant markup in price, while a potential shutdown also threatens jobs and other economic concerns.
CommentMilitary | 6:21 AM on Wednesday
Some Canadian Armed Forces veterans and first responders who are sexual assault survivors said they were outraged to learn their peer mentor at a women’s trauma retreat was himself a registered sex offender.
CommentLaw & Order | 5:56 AM on Wednesday
Porcupine Plain RCMP say one or more beavers are to blame for a rural lumber theft.
CommentBusiness | 4:06 PM on Tuesday
A newly opened distillery business in Sooke has been destroyed in an early morning fire.
CommentMisc World | 7:01 AM on Tuesday
Myanmar poet Khet Thi, whose works declare resistance to the ruling junta, died in detention and his body was returned with the organs removed, his family said on Sunday.
CommentMisc World | 6:45 AM on Tuesday
A gunman attacked a school Tuesday morning in the Russian city of Kazan, sending students running out of the building as smoke poured from its windows. At least eight people were killed in the attack — seven eighth-grade students and a teacher — and 2
CommentLaw & Order | 6:11 AM on Tuesday
A brazen, brief abduction on Mother's Day of an infant boy and his subsequent rescue by neighbours began after the child's mother was offered a free gift basket from someone she met on Facebook.
CommentBusiness | 2:52 PM on Monday
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to a ransomware attack that forced the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show ...
CommentMisc World | 7:52 AM on Monday
The incident shattered one of China's glass bridges, which have become extremely popular with tourists.
CommentSports | 7:44 AM on Monday
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, who provided trainer Bob Baffert with a record seventh win in the race, has failed a drugs test.
CommentLaw & Order | 6:02 AM on Monday
A 28-year-old man was shot and killed Sunday at Vancouver International Airport in what police believe was a gang-related killing.
CommentEnvironmental | 10:27 AM on Sunday
The recent sighting of an emaciated grey whale off Vancouver Island and the discovery of a dead whale washed up on a B.C. beach highlights concerns that the marine mammals are dying in increasing numbers.
CommentMilitary | 12:14 PM on Saturday
The State Department announced it has reached a $13 million settlement with U.S. defense contractor Honeywell International over allegations it exported technical data concerning fighter jets and other military vehicles to foreign countries, including Chi
CommentLaw & Order | 12:10 PM on Saturday
One of B.C’s most notorious child-killers, Shane Ertmoed, has been granted escorted leaves from his minimum security prison.
CommentTech | 11:55 AM on Saturday
Top U.S. fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline has shut its entire network, which supplies fuel from U.S refiners on the Gulf Coast to the eastern and southern United States, after a cyberattack that industry sources said was caused by ransomware.
CommentMisc World | 11:51 AM on Saturday
The first shipment of a spirit drink made from apples grown near the Chernobyl nuclear plant have been seized by Ukrainian security services for unknown reasons, according to the company that produces it.
CommentPolitical | 10:18 AM on Saturday
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff repeatedly told the National Defence committee today that while she knew of a complaint against Canada’s former top soldier in 2018, she had no idea the complaint was sexual in nature.
CommentMisc World | 9:35 AM on Saturday
Multiple blasts targeted a school in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Saturday, killing at least 40 people and wounding dozens more, mostly students, a senior Interior Ministry official said.
CommentHealth | 3:20 PM on Friday
The BC Coroners Service says a 12-year-old girl died last month of a suspected fentanyl overdose.