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Canadian air force running short of pilots, jets: watchdog


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BartSimpson @ Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:18 pm

bootlegga bootlegga:
Repeating yourself doesn't make it true - we are buying NEW equipment, just not at the rate you or Cheeto would like us to.

Over the past decade we've added capabilities we didn't have before (strategic airlift and Arctic patrol) and strengthened existing capabilities like our armoured units and tactical helicopter units.

And over the next decade, we'll beef up/replace equipment for roles we've long had, like blue water naval operations.

Canada is not disarming at all.

Incrementally disarming includes building new ships that can't fight. ... 07dee2feb3

As these ships enter service, the Canadian public needs to take ownership of the fact that our new Arctic ships are not designed to go to war. They are all sight and no fight, and do not have the capability to defend themselves against most air, surface or subsurface threats.

As far as the rest of the defence programmes go the typical pattern for Canadian defence procurement is to make a big noise about what's been planned and then the plans get delayed to death, cut to death, and eventually cancelled.

Here...prove me wrong.

Give me a list of the new blue water combat ships the RCN put in the water in the past 24 months:

Give me a list of the new fighters the RCAF deployed in the past 24 months:

Give me a list of the new armoured vehicles and tanks the Army received in the past 24 months:

And then show me where recruitment in any branch of the CF increased in the past 24 months:




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