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Rev_Blair @ Sat Dec 11, 2004 9:52 am

Only 14 more sleeps, Godz. Have contacted the recruiting office yet?


Rev_Blair @ Sat Dec 11, 2004 11:52 am

So you'll be dodging RPGs by spring then?


electricbuford @ Sat Dec 11, 2004 5:28 pm

A republican friend of mine just got back from Iraq a few weeks ago.He's an officer in an Army intelligence unit that has spent the past few months there investigating terrorist cells.In addition to giving some insight into what a sham the whole Iraq war is,he's also described the tragedy that's going on there in very personal terms.I've talked to other soldiers who've returned from Iraq,but my friend is serving in a much more elevated capacity than the common soldier.
According to him,most of the Iraqis he's encountered are lazy,back-stabbing,and not even remotely ready for true democracy.Following a raid on some insurgents,there was a situation where He had his boot on the neck of one of the insurgents and his rifle pointed at the back of his head when he'd pinned him to the ground.He said he wanted to pull the trigger,but didn't.....I'm guessing that his Christian beliefs prevented him from pulling the trigger.He truly cares about the men under his command,and is understandibly angry at the death and suffering of his fellow soldiers.One thing is for certain,he believes this war was wrong from the beginning,and he's discovered alot of insights into the actual motivations of the war-which have alot more in common with what Rev Blair posts than what you hear on Fox news.For the record,my friend is still republican,and a God-fearing Christian.He's glad to be back home with his wife and four children.Only time will tell if he choses to remain in the Army for a career.....if he does,he'll no doubt make it to the rank of General at the pace he's going.
G46,I'd encourage you to pursue service in Iraq once you move down here.If possible,take the place of people like my friend mentioned above.It just seems so unfair that fine people like them have died or been wounded,or those that will be- in such a corrupt and blatantly unjust tragedy.Why can't people like you perish-instead of some of the good and decent souls that are being squandered in Iraq,not to mention the thousands who return maimed and/or mentally traumatized? I isn't fair,right?
To the moderators.....I know some of the stuff on this post is terrible for me to say...but I've had my fill of hearing what is actually going in Iraq from people who've been there.And I'm tired of hearing about how righteous of a cause this Iraq tragedy is.Once again,the U.S. is losing the flower of it's youth,and it'll take years before reality bites the general public in the ass like it did during Vietnam.Piss on LBJ,and piss on Bush.Canadians go when called to fight a righteous cause,and they did the right thing by staying out of this terrible tragedy.Did we have to kill thousands of Iraqis,as well as over a thousand Brits and yanks to get rid of a few Beasts? You want people to have democracy? LET THEM WORK FOR IT THEMSELVES,afterall,we did.If anybody wants our help,they'll ask for it.In the meantime,get your own house in order-then you'll be better able to help others.


Vanni_Fucci @ Sat Dec 11, 2004 7:58 pm

Amen brother :!:


Rev_Blair @ Sun Dec 12, 2004 1:03 am

Buford is one of the few remaining Americans. He's up there with people like Steve Earle and Hunter Thompson and Benjamin Franklin and Willie Nelson in my books...real Americans. Not these pussified nazi greed-hogs named Bush and Rummy and Skank for me Condi.



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