Canada Kicks Ass
Nurse shorteges


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Zenfisher @ Wed Oct 20, 2004 11:49 am

thirdEye thirdEye:
Zenfisher Zenfisher:
You have to look at the complete caseload John Edwards fought for, before laying claim that his lawsuits were frivilous. You might want to keep in mind that he is a lawyer :wink: thirdeye , before making a blanket statement of blame. ... -1949r.htm

This seems obvious to me...but if he won the cases there was some kind of negligence. I know at least twelve other people thought so.


Rev_Blair @ Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:47 pm

Actually the idea of the brain drain has been brought into question by a few studies from both the left and right since, Stockwell Day was busy showing he had no knowledge of the Niagra river.

It seems that many of those heading south are not the ones with the highest GPAs and most of them return in fairly short order order. In addition to that, emigration to the US has slowed among young people since Bush took office, especially since the illegal invasion of Iraq, and more Canadians have been returning to Canada. Not only that, but more Americans have begun making the trip the north and more than usual are seriously considering it.


Rev_Blair @ Thu Oct 21, 2004 6:25 am keep referring to the late nineties. Are you stuck in the past? Never mind, I'll just include the nineties too. Hey, didn't you recently return from the US? Why was that?

There is actually a fair bit of evidence that the CD Howe Institute (not exactly an unbiased source) started the whole brain-drain mythology to try to force tax cuts for corporations. They diddled the numbers and excluded the fact that we also have educated people immigrating to Canada. Never mind that either though, let's just look at links.

From CBC

But new funding and cutting-edge research may be drawing some scientists home. Martin Worton, working on genetic research at The Ottawa Research Institute, says when he hired his staff three years ago, he couldn't believe his luck. "I think there was a bit of a build-up out there, of people wanting to come back to Canada."

The number of master's and doctoral graduates alone entering Canada from the rest of the world is equal to the number of university graduates at all levels leaving Canada for the United States.

The Scientist
The latest recruitment announcement by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)—featuring four researchers from the United States, as well as others from Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium—is one more sign that Canada has begun to reverse its brain drain, say Canadian officials, capitalizing on the increasing attractiveness of the country to scientists and the perception that the United States presents too many roadblocks for certain kinds of research.

Straight Goods...Analyze This
Canada's "Brain Drain" a trickle not a flood

Policy Alternatives
Those calling for tax cuts for upper-income earners have found a new cause. For the past year, media reports, newspaper columnists and "think tank" studies have all been sounding the alarm. The latest catch-phrase of the neo-conservative project: the Brain Drain.

It's the perfect campaign, really. Rather than appearing self-serving, the brain drain scare allows tax cut crusaders to cast themselves as defenders of the national interest, desperately trying to convince politicians to lower taxes for the well-to-do, or watch as the "best and brightest" minds head south. But is the so-called brain drain a reality? And for those who are leaving, are taxes the reason?

Here's what we know. There is at the moment a small net outflow of university-educated people moving from Canada to the United States. However, according to an October 1998 Statistics Canada study, international immigration of university-educated people into Canada -- a "brain gain" -- is at least four times larger than the "brain drain" to the U.S.

The numbers don't bear you out, Godz. They didn;t even work before Bush came to office and started scaring people away. You've been brain-washed into believing in the brain-drain because you are too brain-dead to do research with your brain.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, buddy.


Twila @ Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:28 am

Godz, I understand what your wife is going through here. My mom is a nurse. She retired. Got bored and decided to work part time. Her part time is 50 hrs a week. She does it because she loves her work and knows that she's needed.

You and your wife's only decision is what is best for BOTH of you. Besides, you stated your both young. Have you ever lived in FLorida before? IF no, what an opportunity!

I hope you both enjoy your time. You sound like a wonderful person. Your wife is very lucky.


Rev_Blair @ Thu Oct 21, 2004 8:35 am

He doesn't have to cite his sources, Avro. I know exactly where it comes from. I'll bet I know better than he does where the myth started and how and why it was perpetuated.

The myth of the brain drain came out of the CD Howe Institute at a time when they were pushing for tax cut for corporations (which are already taxed at a lower rate than in the US) and the very rich. At around the same time the CD Howe Institute started pushing for Canada to adopt the US dollar and to relax environmental restrictions to better compete against Mexico.

The Fraser Institute, that other bastion of far-right lunacy, came out with similar studies on all of those issues just a short time after CD Howe. The Fraser and Howe studies were skewed and biased in all cases, but the right-dominated media quoted them again and again while ignoring other sources.

There is, and has been for a very long time, a push from ultra-conservatives in this country to not only Americanise Canada, but to go one step further and turn us into Puerto Rico North...nothing but a vacation spot and source of cheap labour for mega-corporations based in the US.


Twila @ Thu Oct 21, 2004 11:38 am

I guess you missed the parts where his hatred of other cultures comes through something he has never once denied.

I was referring to his treatement and consideration he gives to his wife.



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