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canucker @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:59 am

A thread for any requests you may have for CKA Radio.

Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi.


doopitydoop @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 2:08 am

Have a nice day-bon jovi
Sweet child o mine-Guns N Roses
Youth gone wild-Skidrow
sombody told me-killers
bad medicine-bon jovi
I dont wanna be-gavin degraw
blue suede shoes-elvis preseley


Blue_Nose @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:35 am

Prozzak Prozzak Prozzak Prozzak Prozzak Prozzak!!!

.... anything by Prozzak, all the time, 24 hours a day wouldn't be enough. A CKA Prozzak station would be perfect. They're Canadian, too.
(I'm obsessed, there's no rational explanation of why I like this band so much.... I think I'm sick.) PDT_Armataz_01_05


Ripcat @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:10 am

Ripcat is broadcasting live to you and world on CKA Radio. Tune in now!!!!!!


Streaker @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:18 am

Hey Ripcat play some Prozzak! :lol:


Ripcat @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:31 am

I'm gonna stick to the Folger's! :D


Knoss @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:31 am

First off NO PROZZAK PDT_Armataz_01_32

BTO- Let it Roll
Guess Who- Running Back to Saskatoon
Neko Case - Things that scare me
Valdy - The Simple Life
Gary Fjellgaard - Don't Change the Colour of Your Collar
The New Pronogarphers
Bright Eyes - Another Traveling Song
Fred Eaglesmith - When I Was Good Enough


Indelible @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:44 am

i got a variety of music on my puter in iTunes that i could play.

i have punk:
the distillers, 3 albums worth
Bad religion, 6 albums
Flogging Molly, 2 albums

i have metal:
rammstein, 2 albums
SOAD, 4 albums
OTEP, 1 album

rock, evanescence, 1 album

Diana Krall, 4 albums (CANUCK!!!!)
Miles Davis, 1 album
Dizzy Gillespie, 1 album
Cherry Poppin Daddies, 1 album
Branford Marsalis 1 album (Bebop)

Pipes and Drums, 2 albums (SFU Pipe Band, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards)

Third Day, 1 Album
Jars of Clay, 3 albums

haha this only fills half the capacity of my 4Gig iPod Nano!
anyway, if u want me to dj, i can only come on to CKA randomly at best, but i'll try to be on if i am scheduled.


Ripcat @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:46 am

I wish I could help you out Knoss but I haven't got any of that in my library and I'm still ripping my CDs onto my harddrive. :?

A couple there I should get into my library though.


Indelible @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:47 am

please PM me also if u want me to DJ


Knoss @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:49 am

Yeah who elese was I thinking of?


Ripcat @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:52 am

Knoss Knoss:
Yeah who elese was I thinking of?

Clapton, Skynyrd, Santana, and Thorogood are next up. :)


Knoss @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:58 am

Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally


Knoss @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 10:00 am

Go to the CKA Radio topics


Ripcat @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 10:01 am

Knoss Knoss:
Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally

Now playing. 8)



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