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On media and the coalition crisis


ridenrain @ Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:31 am

This looked interesting.

On media and the coalition crisis
It has become abundantly clear through this whole coalition crisis that the media is still failing Canadians at every turn. The tone of rhetoric coming from the punditry of mainstream media outlets such as the CBC and CTV has been one-sided and often misleading. While this takes place on both sides, I find that in this country the voice of conservative-minded Canadians is lost on national television networks.

I tend to choose CTV as my main source of mainstream media, although I often check with CBC and Global and I read the National post and Sun whenever I decide to actually purchase a newspaper.

My criticism of the television outlets in particular is their choice of guests and experts. The media themselves, other than the ridiculous rantings of Craig Oliver et al (you know, the guy who parrotted the words “why!?” on CTV all night during the election), have been relatively neutral - but their guests have been almost exclusively in favour of the coalition.

The irony here is of course that they are not in line at all with how the Canadian people are positioned on the issue; and their continued attacks on Harper have only served to steel the resolve of his supporters. With the exception of the always fair Mike Duffy Live, last night I watched for 2 hours as “expert” after “expert” was invited on to shows to explain how the coalition is legal, and that conservatives are angry with Stephen Harper. The former is not being denied; we all know that this is not an issue of legality, it is one of morality - if they can’t even get the issues straight then how can the expect to provide Canadians with the coverage on the issue they deserve? The former is even more insidious; it is an erroneous suggestion that conservatives have lost faith in their leader; something that a recent poll has demonstrated to be patently false - quite the contrary, he enjoys incredible support from conservatives.

Further, these media types seem to harp on to no end about the risk of alienating Quebecers by talking down on seperatists; they accuse Harper of painting them all with a single brush, all the while they are doing no different by suggesting that they are all getting upset because he is attacking seperatists. Most insulting, but hardly surprising, is their apparent lack of indifference to the immense anger building in western Canada; as if it is somehow a side-issue.

Now I must give credit where credit is due; without exception the media came out hard against Stephane Dion for his dismal and tardy performance on Wednesday evening; and so they should have.

It is high time that we got a Canadian Fox news equivalent; a fair-and-balanced media outlet that is critical of both sides on matters of importance to Canadians. We cannot sit back and have misinformation and rhetoric fed to the Canadian people by a bunch of so-called journalists; we must continue to demand balanced coverage and continue to show our resolve for what is right(pun intended), just, and democratic.


mtbr @ Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:37 am

I enjoyed 10 minutes of humor on the CBC this morning , 10 minutes of the CAW president bash Harper in front of Union members. He was well miked and positioned better than Dion :P in front of the camera.

Immediately followed by Keith Boags analysis and recommendations for the Liberal party on how they can win this thing.