Canada Kicks Ass
Cross Country Checkup


whelan costen @ Sun May 30, 2004 3:36 pm

Good for you Kevin, yes I think the NDP has to start thinking like a winner instead of a runner up! Canadians are funny they like to back a winner, if Layton and co. would start talking the talk of a winner people would except it, and if he follows through on his promises, we will be in heaven! I talked to my rep's rep for the NDP and was a little shocked when they said, 'well we won't win here but hopefully we'll get a minority gov', I said 'what you don't think my candidate will win?' Which shocked him and then he realized the mistake of being a realist or even just taking the oh well attitude, we'll give it a try.

Those attitudes must go...we need to talk like we want this country back and declare strongly why, how and who's going to do what after this election; so that the people know what they are voting us into! Yah I know I get a bit excited on this issue! :!:


N Say @ Sun May 30, 2004 9:28 pm

I tried for about an hour to phone in but it was always busy. Someday I'll get through to a CBC show, and when I do I'll ask whoever's there the following:<BR> a) if we have a foreign-ownership problem here b) if we don't, I wonder how much foreign ownership is too much (I mean an absolute number)<BR> c) how the number they pick compares with the levels of foreign ownership of the economies of other developed countries like the USA, France, Japan, etc etc<BR> d) what the party says should be done about too much foreign ownership


KevinGagnon @ Mon May 31, 2004 4:17 am


Did you hear that one girl who called in. She got a chance to speak about NAFTA/FTA and how those agreements may be the reason our Health Care is the way it is. She ask on the show about how much of our Health Care problems are cause of pressure from U.S companies trying to come into Canada's health care market. She went on and on with this. It was nice to get a caller talk about this cause it gives a chance for some viewers watching to get informed.