Canada Kicks Ass
It makes me sick to my stomach


whelan costen @ Mon Jun 14, 2004 7:18 pm

Well Kevin I hate to agree on this but I do...I watched CPAC going around to Canadian towns and cities talking to average Canadians about the election; I heard: 'Well, I hate the scandals, I hate the waste and I think the young people will fix it'...(this a lady about 60ish) when asked do you know who you'll vote for...she replies, 'I don't know my riding...I don't know the candidates...when I get in the box I'll look for the Liberal sign and mark my x...cause that's who my family always votes for, Mother always told us liberal'

The youth wasn't much better, 'I will go over to parents house and listen to them argue about politicians, then I'll make my decision from that'...another youth, 'If I can figure it out before the election, I'll vote but if I can't then I won't vote, cause that would be irresponsible'

There were a few really informed who are voting NDP, or Green they seemed to be the most informed voters. The other two party supporters are basicly just following their history. It really made me sick too Kevin, but I am not sure what we can do about it. You can't make people care, or informed if they don't want to be. :x


KevinGagnon @ Mon Jun 14, 2004 8:07 pm

They will make all Canadians suffer for their ignorance and selfishnesses. The selfishnesses I especially see in those who support a private health care system. They keep on saying that if one can afford to pay for help when they need it they should be able too. They never seem to mention what it will mean to those who can't afford it. I will be able to live and afford a private health care kind of system. But the point is what about the ones who won't be able to. That's the kind of thinking these right wing's don't seem to have.

Even worse is I believe many of the people voting for conservative this time around cause the mad. Will truly regret it if they elect a Conservative government. They will regret it.



whelan costen @ Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:19 pm

Quote Kevin: 'I will be able to live and afford a private health care kind of system. But the point is what about the ones who won't be able to.' I know you don't want private healthcare Kevin, but even by saying this it leads one to believe that if you are smart or have a good income you could support your healthcare needs. I would disagree with that thought process, because when you are really sick, you aren't able to work, so even if you save a great deal of income for that illness, it will dry up quite soon when you have your regular bills and your healthcare bills. Right now in Canada if you see doctor x or y both will get paid the same for the same service, in a private system, dr. x may charge more than y, your healthcare provider aka insurance co may decide that the treatment your doctor recommends is not covered, then what? If you have cancer treatment x might not work on you, but treatment y is not covered, so if you want to try it, even though it might not work either, you pay and on it goes...which is why private systems are not in the interest of the average person, they are in the interest of the insurance company, the private clinic, the administrators and drug companies. There is not one thing about a private system that has been shown to me, that is in favour of the patient. Also I don't believe that anyone except maybe a millionaire, can afford such a system. Before we had universal healthcare, doctors were being paid in chickens, eggs, pies etc. barter was the only way for many to pay for healthcare and for some with nothing to barter, death was the answer; do we really want to go back to that system? I don't. :cry:


N Say @ Mon Jun 14, 2004 9:25 pm

I don't think that many people support the Conservative policies, but that they only support the Conservatives because they don't want to support the Liberals. We'd be going from the frying pan to the fire I think. It's too bad that the COnservatives are exploiting peoples' desire for change though, just like McGuinty did. I think "mandate for change" in plain English really means "mandate for status quo"; from what I've read, McGuinty is doing pretty much the same thing that the Harris government did in Ontario (except for the tuition freeze). It would probably be the same situation in Ottawa if the Conservatives got elected, more privatisation, selling out, etc etc. (because of NAFTA/FTA)


KevinGagnon @ Tue Jun 15, 2004 4:42 am

I understand that Whelan. I was just making a point from what I've heard pro-private health care people say. They talk as if paying for their health care is gonna be the end all to all problems with the health care system. In the end we will have more problems, and even the pro-private people will realize that when its too late.



Milton @ Tue Jun 15, 2004 8:51 am

I think the people pushing privatization of health care are planning to make a buck or two million off of it.


whelan costen @ Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:46 am

Kevin I know you know but, your statement almost gives the impression that a person could handle the private system financially if they planned well, or didn't waste or took better care of themselves and I didn't want to leave that open.

We just need real clarity on this issue, private health care will be a rich person's dream and those who want to cash in on our illnesses, they will be richer and richer and we'll be sicker and poorer!