Canada Kicks Ass


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Jesse @ Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:04 am

No, it's a catch and release bar... Next up is Hoser, then Canuck. I'm not overly happy with beer hunter, but hey, had to put in something.


Reverend Blair @ Tue Mar 30, 2004 9:03 pm

I just wanted to defend the beer hunter thing. It's silly and promotes a goofy stereotype. So what? We're all goofy and stereotypical at one time or another. That's why Bob and Doug were so popular in the first place...we saw ourselves in them.

Of course I also know people who thought Cheech and Chong's "Up in Smoke" was a documentary....


whelan costen @ Tue Mar 30, 2004 11:57 pm

Rev Blair, I loved Cheech and Chong, and to some it was a reflection of their lives, the 70's were a little like the 60's, could call it a hangover...and I agree goofy is ok too,

at least the beer hunter is doing something...what can you say about a Loonie?


Jesse @ Wed Mar 31, 2004 7:11 am

Alternate suggestions are still welcome; As I said, 'hoser' is the next rank up, which I think is a suitably goofy homage to Bob and Doug.


KevinGagnon @ Fri Apr 02, 2004 5:05 pm

Hey Jesse, is there a toonie rank yet? :D


Kory Yamashita @ Fri Apr 02, 2004 10:35 pm

Yknow... Canada won the Beer Olympics. Beer is part of the Canadian identity, as is hockey, pot (in BC at least), moose, beaver, maple leafs, syrup, etc. I don't need to list them all, but those are some things to think about. Plus we all live in igloos. ;)


Poz @ Sat Apr 03, 2004 2:33 am

I actually met someone in Oregon a few years back that thought all Canadians lived in Igloos, I am not kidding in the least. My dad and I laughed when she said it and jokingly said "yes", then we realised she was serious. :lol:


whelan costen @ Sat Apr 03, 2004 7:22 pm

I am not surprised that the U.S. knows very little about Canada, but what used to irk me was when I lived in Northern Ontario and we would visit Toronto, and they thought we lived in igloos. We did have alot of fun with them on that issue, but it was still a little shocking that Canadians don't know their own country! I guess that's our education system....



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