Canada Kicks Ass
JUSTIN,Will Bring HONESTY to Leading a Government Team!!!


CountLothian @ Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:01 am

A lot has been used in negative attack ads and campaign platforms in Canada towards the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Mostly interpreting him as what he will be, if made Prime Minister of Canada, by Canadians.

Still ,Justin Trudeau stands amongst the age old mud slinging and holds up a candle of hope towards being an honest Prime Minister.

He talks of an Economic Team , and his Liberal party still holds a past record of record surpluses and bringing back back to life from questionable deficits made by a past government who held power.

The Liberals once again saved the country from disastrous economic policy . Huge deficits that never benefitted the EVERYDAY Canadian.

Today he announced running a deficit. sounds pretty HONEST to me. No airy fairy budgets cutting into Veteran funds and robbing from Peter to make Paul look balanced.

Justin is an HONEST Politician, contrary to what anyone can show otherwise. To some this means he is not ready for the Paradigm of The Present Government governance.

It is his honesty that will give Canadians back their legacy of being fair and honest and forth right in their way of doing business and dealing with others.

We know Trudeau's platform for the economics of Canada. He is Honest about it. Something based on a long term faith full and still willing to help out economic team who has proven itself in the past.

Past Liberal Genius has not abandoned their party. Reminds me a lot of the Montreal Canadian Hockey Club.

Economist agree that deficit spending , properly and fairly, is not such a bad thing in this economic time.

Promising billions of dollars of election goodies day in day out ,is not the role of an HONEST Prime Minister.

Justin is ready to be just that, an honest Leader of Team that will bring change for the good as their team has done in the past.


CountLothian @ Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:10 pm

Being honest about a deficit is pretty much a political error it seems.

why do people prefer to listen to bull cookies.