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Social Conservatives and Fiscal Liberals


ac2000 @ Sun Jan 21, 2007 9:45 am

We always hear the differences between Liberals and Conservatives. I am wondering if people are socially conservative and fiscally liberal, what party do they belong to.

This brings up an interesting point. In USA, Conservative Democrats tend to be liberals who are socially conservative. Liberal Republicans tend to be conservatives who are socially liberal.

In Latin America, much of the public is viewed as socially conservative and fiscally liberal. The Christian Democrats are viewed as that. Much is the same with Christian Democrats in Western Europe.

Yet in Canada, many do not know where social conservatives and fiscal liberals fit into.


ReliableIntelligence @ Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:03 am

I suppose it rests on how you're defining fiscally liberal/fiscally conservative.

Some might argue that the Liberal party is more fiscally conservative than the Conservatives - who have taken a 'classical liberal' approach to fiscal policy.


Terence @ Sun Dec 14, 2008 7:57 am

I like this thread's topic.

I am into fiscal responsibility, some confuse that with fiscal conservatism, but it is tempered by the reasons I am this way.

I see tax reform and structural changes to the civil service as key to providing much more in the way of services to those who need it. I have a problem with programs like national daycare. It is morally abhorant to me, to see government creating an entitlement of that scale, when societies most vulnerable citizens are living in poverty and complete misery with no possible way out.

A severely handicapped adult is not cuddly like a baby, people shun the mentally handicapped like lepers of olde.

I can see a lot of religious catholics and evangelicals who traditionally support Conservatives switching to someone in the Liberal Party who actually appeals to activist Christian social world view.

I am saddened by traditional politicians who spend their entire lives trying to get elected, and like the movie, when they get there they ask "what do we do now?"

It is not easy to make priorities ( :mrgreen: dion)