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Opinion - ‘Do you know about the Holocaust? '


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fifeboy @ Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:44 pm

Proculation Proculation:
Xort Xort:
martin14 martin14:
See now this is the thing the HRC should be getting involved in. Have the caller charged with hate speech.

The hell for? Saying something bad that happening to a people is good isn't hate speech, more given the context of someone that had close relations to people that are victims of that group.

But to directly reply to your comment, let me quote from the link:

“You know that in this democratic country,” Fabi responds, “you can’t ever say anything offensive toward Israelis, because it could cost you dearly…you can’t ever have negative views of any nature toward the Jewish people, or there will be serious consequences. That’s how it is.”

Funny eh?

But another quote:

“I find it very annoying that I’m not allowed to comment at times,” Fabi said. “In Montreal, there is an important Jewish population…you always have to wear white gloves with this beautiful Jewish population.”

Jews are not the only group that takes offense at many things and need to be treated with extra care.


I don't think saying that something bad happening to a group of people you don't like is good, is a hate crime or even a normal crime. And I don't think it should be.

Would you charge a Korean for saying Japan getting nuked was good? How about a Ukrainian saying Russians that died in politcal camps was just what they needed?

I don't think we can or should have laws saying be nice to each other. And what was said if I'm getting a semi accurate report doesn't meet our standard under the law for a crime for the caller.

The radio station might be in trouble with our outdated reactionary regulator, but that is another fight.

eeeh.. Jews were not enemies/attackers during WWII. They were targeted because they were Jews. Your examples have nothing to do with what she said.

Well said!


BartSimpson @ Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:23 pm

Thanos Thanos:
It's important to let them vent in public every once in a while. That way we won't forget that there's still a bunch of them out there.

For that same reason I also defend the freedom of those who have Confederate flags on their pickup trucks. If the yahoos want to label themselves for the convenience of others then I say let them. :wink:



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