Canada Kicks Ass


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stratos @ Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:28 am

I really thought this last fight would have tested her. I was wrong.


Alta_redneck @ Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:59 pm

wow, Ronda just got her ass handed to her, knocked out by a kick to the head.


Canadian_Mind @ Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:54 pm

Shit, here I was hoping she'd dominate again and we'd get to see her take on the whole Kardashian Clan next.


Alta_redneck @ Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:18 am

Canadian_Mind Canadian_Mind:
Shit, here I was hoping she'd dominate again and we'd get to see her take on the whole Kardashian Clan next.

She wanted to be the dumb bitch in this fight for some reason, she was the aggressor at the weigh in and got into a shoving match, and then tonight she wouldn't tap gloves after the refs instructions.

I'm sure she's not looking very pretty right now, she took some monster shots to the face. She was out before she hit the mat from the kick and Holms then threw a couple of misses, she knew Ronda was done, thought that was a classy move.


xerxes @ Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:18 am

I'll be damned. Rousey can actually lose a fight.


Alta_redneck @ Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:39 am



BRAH @ Sun Nov 15, 2015 12:08 pm



Alta_redneck @ Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:07 pm

First punch knockout for the Irishman and then 2 el calbongs and it was over. I'm think a out 10 seconds


Alta_redneck @ Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:45 pm

McGregor knocks out Aldo in 13 seconds at UFC 194

mcgregor_conor-1040x572.jpg [ 90.95 KiB | Viewed 318 times ]

LAS VEGAS — “The Notorious” Conor McGregor backed up his trash talk with his fists Saturday night at UFC 194, knocking out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds to become undisputed featherweight champion.

It was short and violent — the fastest finish in UFC championship history. And it ended the mystique of Aldo as the best pound-for-pound MMA fighter on the planet while making the brash Irish 145-pounder the UFC’s main man.

Aldo missed with a right and McGregor floored the champion with a left, adding a pair of hammer-fists before referee John McCarthy stepped in.

"He was a phenomenal champion … But precision beats power," said McGregor.

Aldo (25-2) had won his last 18 fights and has not lost since November 2005. McGregor was on a 14-bout win streak that dates back to November 2010.

Aldo entered the cage as champion while McGregor arrived as interim title-holder for a win over Chad (Money) Mendes while Aldo was out injured.

McGregor (19-2) left with the belt.

"I think we need a rematch. It wasn’t really a fight," Aldo said through an interpreter.

The crowd roared as McGregor — clad in green compression shorts — entered first, with "Ole Ole" chants from the stands competing with his Notorious B.I.G. entrance music. Aldo followed him to "Run This Town" by Jay-Z with Rihanna and Kanye West.

The two did not touch gloves before the opening round. The end came soon after.

In the co-main event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, No. 1 contender Luke Rockhold dethroned middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Rockhold (15-2-0) beat Weidman up on the ground in the third round and did the same in the fourth, before referee Herb Dean finally stepped in at 3:12.

"It was Luke’s night," said Weidman, his face a roadmap of cuts and welts.

A middleweight title fight that had been relatively even turned in the third when Weidman tried a spinning kick. Rockhold evaded the kick, grabbed Weidman and took him down for the first time in his UFC career. Rockhold then mounted Weidman and carved his face open with repeated strikes. The beatdown seemed to go on forever, with Dean allowing the round to end.

Weidman’s face was a mess as he came out for the fourth. Weidman soon found himself on the bottom again and the beating continued.

Weidman (13-1-0) had previously beaten a Who’s Who of opponents, including former champions Anderson Silva (twice), Lyota (The Dragon) Machida and Vitor (The Phenom) Belfort.

Rockhold, a former Strikeforce champion, limped out of the cage with the title.

The 29-year-old Aldo, who at five foot seven is two inches shorter than the Irishman, is ranked the UFC’s top pound-for-pound fighter. McGregor, 27, is No. 12 in the pound-for-pound rankings, just below Ronda Rousey.

Aldo and McGregor were originally slated to meet at UFC 189 in July. And the fighters talked smack in Toronto, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, New York City and Dublin, criss-crossing North America in separate private jets before heading to Europe to hype that fight.

They almost came to blows in Toronto when McGregor slapped Aldo on the back while waiting to go on air during a morning visit to CTV’s "Canada AM."

UFC president Dana White dubbed it the "war tour."

But Aldo withdrew less than two weeks before the fight due to a rib injury. McGregor fought Mendes instead, stopping him late in the second round for the interim title.

The sandpaper-like McGregor, a former plumber who has yet to meet a microphone or camera he doesn’t like, has taken one verbal shot after another at Aldo, whose lack of English restricted his comebacks. But the Brazilian looked calm and businesslike in the buildup to this fight.

Aldo is the only undisputed featherweight champion the UFC has ever had. He won the 145-pound crown in the WEC in November 2009 and became UFC champ a year later when the UFC bought and absorbed the WEC.

The win earned McGregor a spot on the cover of the UFC’s next video game, alongside former bantamweight champion (Rowdy) Ronda Rousey.

Yoel (Soldier of God) Romero, ranked third among middleweight contenders, hung on to win a split (29-27, 28-29, 29-28) decision over No. 2 Ronaldo (Jacare) Souza of Brazil.

Romero won his seventh straight while snapping Souza’s eight-fight win streak.

"I am ready for everybody," said Romero.

Romero took it to Souza on the ground in the first round after dropping him with a spinning back fist. The wobbly Brazilian was unsure where to go when the round ended. Souza recovered and hurt Romero, who ran out of gas as the fight progressed, at the fence in the third before taking him down.

Romero, 38, won a silver medal in freestyle wrestling for Cuba at the 2000 Olympics. Souza, 36, is a former Strikeforce title-holder and world Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion.

Demian Maia, another former jiu-jitsu world champion ranked sixth among welterweight contenders, outgrappled No. 12 Gunnar (Gunni) Nelson — a black belt himself — while administering plenty of ground-and-pound pain along the way to a lopsided 30-26, 30-25, 30-25 decision.

Max (Blessed) Holloway, ranked fifth among featherweight contenders, beat No. 8 Jeremy (Lil’ Heathen) Stephens by a unanimous (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) decision for his eighth straight win.

Montreal lightweight John (The Bull) Makdessi, returning after a broken jaw in a loss to Donald (Cowboy) Cerrone, lost a split decision to Yancy Medeiros on the undercard. ... t-ufc-194/


N_Fiddledog @ Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:04 pm

Hmmm...looks like the Vancouver Province found a way to hijack the front page here so can't discuss UFC 196 there.

Then I remembered this thread so...

TMZ has released a new in-your-face video of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz in an onstage confrontation during a recent UFC 196 event. The video is shot from the stage and close to it, and features the UFC fighters trash-talking each other and then trying to fight after McGregor punched Diaz’s hand during the staredown.

The video also contains other footage not seen before, including McGregor challenging Diaz’s brother, Nick, and teammates, saying “What the f— are you staring at?” and “I’d strangle you in a heartbeat.”

Nick himself tells Nate to prepare for a brawl in the video, saying, “If he f——- even touches you, then it’s on” right before the confrontation.

The intimate video ends with both fighters making promises to each other about the upcoming fight. “We’ll see you in there, p—-!” McGregor says to Diaz, while Diaz responds with “I’ll beat the s— of you.”

The highly anticipated fight takes place Saturday, March 5. ... rontation/


And Holy Holm is going to defend the title she won from Rhonda Rousey for the first time tomorrow.



Alta_redneck @ Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:30 pm

Holly Holm loses title to Miesha Tate with a rear naked choke.


2Cdo @ Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:35 pm

Alta_redneck Alta_redneck:
Holly Holm loses title to Miesha Tate with a rear naked choke.

Miesha fought a smart fight and took the championship from Holly. An excellent fight, hope McGregor-Diaz is as good.


Alta_redneck @ Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:12 pm

With Diaz leaking badly McGregor started to show boat and Diaz smacked him a good one and it was just a matter of time. McGregor tried a take down and Diaz got the rear naked choke going and the fat lady started to sing.


N_Fiddledog @ Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:22 pm

Surprises then.

A few fun rematches to look forward to.


Alta_redneck @ Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:41 pm

LAS VEGAS -- Conor McGregor tried to beat Nate Diaz at his own game at UFC 196.

Nobody beats a Diaz brother at what the Diaz brothers do best.

Diaz took McGregor’s shots. He hit back. He didn’t back down when the Irish featherweight champion hit him with big shots. Instead, Diaz just kept on throwing.

Eventually, Diaz landed a shot that McGregor couldn’t take. From there, it was just a matter of time. Diaz pushed his opponent against the cage, throwing punches all the while. When the fight went to the mat, Diaz took his time before locking in a rear naked choke and tapping McGregor out at 4:12 of the second round.

“I’m proud, motherf----ers,” said Diaz, who took the fight on short notice after lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos withdrew from his title fight with McGregor. “I’m always in shape but if I’m not in the best shape, I’ve got to start slow and pick up.

“I nailed him like I said.”

While the fight may derail the McGregor hype train a little bit, it probably doesn’t actually do much to affect the UFC’s future plans. The Irishman remains the featherweight champion, and was fighting on Saturday in a weight division that is 25 lbs. heavier than where he usually fights.

He’s still got a featherweight title to defend and has a reasonable argument for fighting for the lightweight belt whenever dos Anjos becomes available again. McGregor is still the UFC’s biggest star, the shine’s just come off a little bit.

“I took the chance at 170,” McGregor said. “I’m humble in victory or defeat. He was efficient, I wasn’t efficient. These things happen.”

There’s no question the loss damages his reputation. McGregor has talked about revolutionizing MMA and being head-and-shoulders above the rest of the UFC’s roster. Losing to Diaz in such emphatic fashion pokes a hole in that idea.

Diaz is certainly an elite fighter, but he probably shouldn’t be counted among the super-elite. He was thoroughly beaten by dos Anjos in late-2013, after all.

But in Saturday night’s main event, he showed the grit that has made the Diaz brothers -- Nick Diaz is currently suspended -- such fan favourites. McGregor was swinging for the fences from the opening bell, but Diaz never flinched, even after he was bloodied by a shot.

Instead, he stood and threw, confident that he’d find the punch that would break McGregor.

“There’s a new king in this motherf---er,” Diaz said.


Tate was down. By all appearances she was out.

But then she did the unthinkable.

Tate, a woman who has made herself a star by gutting through beating after beating and emerging victorious, finally laid claim to the UFC’s women’s bantamweight championship on Saturday, choking out Holly Holm with less than two minutes to go in the fifth and final round of the co-main event at UFC 196.

“I’ve waited so long to hear you say that, Joe,” Tate said to Joe Rogan after he called her champion in the octagon. “It’s obviously a very emotional moment for me.”

If Tate was emotional, she had every right to be. After losing twice to former champion Ronda Rousey, it appeared as if she wouldn’t get another chance to get her hands on the belt.

Then, Holm knocked Rousey out at UFC 193 last November, and a window of opportunity suddenly opened. She didn’t waste her chance.

After a first-round that saw both fighters stay standing and Holm remain mostly in control, Tate took the fight to the ground early in the second and very nearly submitted the champion with a rear-naked choke.

Holm would survive and go on to win the third and fourth rounds with more pinpoint striking as Tate struggled to take the fight to the ground.

That meant Tate had to leave it all in the cage and go for a finish in the fifth. Unlikely to get another title shot if she lost, a lifetime of work was literally on the line.

With so much at stake, Tate delivered in spades, taking the fight to the ground once more and locking in a rear-naked choke that put Holm to sleep and the UFC’s women’s bantamweight belt around her waist.

“I knew I had to finish the fight, I had to be perfect in the fifth round,” Tate said. “I thought I had to be like a pitbull on a bone, I couldn’t let go of it.

“How many people wouldn’t tap out? She went out like a champion, I have so much respect for that woman.”

Tate had previously won the Strikeforce women’s belt back in 2011, before the UFC added it’s women’s division to the roster. She lost that belt to Rousey, though, and it’s entirely possible her first title defence will come later this year against the former champ.

As much as Saturday’s win was vindication for the years she’s devoted to fighting, a win over Rousey would likely be the icing on her career’s cake.

For now, though, she’s the top women’s fighter in the world.


Nate Diaz def. Conor McGregor by second round submission

Miesha Tate def. Holly Holm by fifth round submission

Gian Villante def. Ilir Latifi by unanimous decision

Corey Anderson def. Tom Lawlor by unanimous decision

Amanda Nunes def. Valentina Shevchenko by unanimous decision


Siyar Bahadurzada def. Brandon Thatch by third round submission

Nordine Taleb def. Erick Silva by second round TKO

Vitor Miranda def. Marcelo Guimaraes by second round TKO

Darren Elkins def. Chas Skelly by unanimous decision

Diego Sanchez def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision

Jason Saggo def. Justin Salas by first round TKO

Teruto Ishihara def. Julian Erosa by second round TKO

Twitter: DannyAustin_9



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