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Real Name: Trevor

About Me: I grew up on a campground in Harrison Hot Springs. It was probably the best upbringing one could have, meeting new people every week, being outdoors and camping all the time.

I have been a computer geek since the 386 and proud of my geekness! I have experience in many areas of IT, and my skills are both technical and artistic. I have completed a Game Art & Animation program at the Arts Institute Vancouver as well as part of comp-sci at ucfv.

I am a ski nut, I've had a whistler seasons pass for the last 4 years and try to get up much as possible. I also love dirt biking only wish I currently had a bike currently. I also enjoy mountain biking and hiking. And of course I love playing Computer games, I run one of the largest Canadian FPS Clans called =CKA=.

I was very fortunate in my youth, my parents job allowed the family to go on vacations every winter, so I have traveled all around North America, Central America and Australasia. After collage I spent two months Backpacking Europe with my girlfriend. My last job sent me to Poland and China, which was pretty cool! This summer I have plans to drive across Canada, "from sea to sea".

Gender & Age: 41

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Location: Vancouver, Canada

Occupation: Web Developer, IT consultant

Interests: Skiing, hiking, downhill mountain biking, Coca Cola, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, WW2 History

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Favorite Hockey Team: Vancouver Canucks

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