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Best Beer in Canada


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Pimpbrewski @ Tue May 31, 2005 4:11 pm

I have not tried either of those


Tman1 @ Tue May 31, 2005 4:13 pm

This one pub I went to had these funky bottles like some sort of metal or something. Me and my friend asked if we could take a couple of them out.. Which is better Labatt shok or kick? If anyone knows.


Pimpbrewski @ Tue May 31, 2005 4:27 pm

I found a neat little site about Canadian beer

Canadian beer


Pimpbrewski @ Sat Aug 04, 2007 6:33 pm

This is still the best Canadian beer around.



Blue_Nose @ Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:18 am

Wow, oldschool thread.... this was the first or second thread I ever posted in.


Toro @ Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:51 am


Big Rock Traditional Ale


CapeApe @ Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:09 am

Kieths and Extra Old Stock


Blue_Nose @ Mon May 26, 2008 8:20 pm

Blue_Nose Blue_Nose:
Clancy's Amber Ale from NB is my regular choice. Brewed by the Moosehead company, it's a little more fuller bodied than the staple Blue/Kieth's most popular around here. I tend towards the red ales if I'm feeling like a change of scenery.

My first post on the site, three years and two days ago. [B-o] [BB] :rock:

(yeah, I'm two days off - I just happened to notice my joining date because Trevor fixed the profiles)

I don't drink Clancy's anymore - switched to Garrison :D


Bacardi4206 @ Mon May 26, 2008 8:49 pm

I haven't really found a best one yet, as I liked most of the ones I tried. One I drink regulary though is called Sleemen Honey Brown Lager. It's pretty good.


ShepherdsDog @ Mon May 26, 2008 8:56 pm

Best beer for me is the cold one in my hand. We have a belgian fellow who has a business not too far from our house and as well as supplying local bars with his products has a small pub of his own. There are numerous beers to choose from. My wife likes one known as frambozen(sp?) it is a fruit beer made with raspberries.


Ruxpercnd @ Mon May 26, 2008 9:30 pm

Ok... let's be truthful here... Canadians are good at drinking beer, not so good at making beer.

Molson? Is Molson a Canadian beer? Out of nine Molson breweries only one is in Canada. It would be just as easy to say that Molson is an American beer or a Mexican beer.

Cervecería Mexicana (MolsonCoors) Tecate, Mexico

Coors Brewing Company (MolsonCoors) Golden, Colorado

Coors UK (MolsonCoors) Burton-upon-Trent, England

Creemore Springs (MolsonCoors) Creemore, Ontario

Kaiser (Brazil) (MolsonCoors) Diviaopolis - MG , Brazil

Molson Breweries (MolsonCoors) Montreal, Quebec

Sandlot Brewery (MolsonCoors) Denver, Colorado

Tadcaster (MolsonCoors) Tadcaster, North Yorkshire , England

White Shield (prev. Museum) (MolsonCoors) Burton-on-Trent, England


Ruxpercnd @ Mon May 26, 2008 9:38 pm

Labatt? All Canadian, but mediocre.

Some Reviews:

Ungstrup (10479), Frederiksberg, Denmark
2 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
4/10 2/5 4/10 3/5 7/20
Jul 16, 2005
This was my second treat from Air Canada on my way to RBSG in Montreal: A pale yellow beer with a huge white head. The aroma is malty and slightly sour, while the flavor is sweet and grainy with a dry hoppy end. Nothing wrong, just boring.

Papsoe (9316), Frederiksberg, Denmark
1.7 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
3/10 2/5 3/10 2/5 7/20
Oct 2, 2007
(Can 35, 5 cl) Pale golden with a small, white head. Aroma of...nothing much - rice perhaps, if rice has a smell. Thin, very thin, with only a vague touch of corn or whatever. Damn close to water this is. 040792

Oakes (6611), Miami Beach, Canada
0.7 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
1/10 1/5 2/10 1/5 2/20
Sep 16, 2000
A distinctly terrible bit of bile from one of the Big Two. Very grainy.

argo0 (5934), Washington DC, USA
1.9 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
4/10 2/5 4/10 2/5 7/20
Apr 10, 2002
This became our beer of choice in college -- pretty cheap, much better than bud, and it was an 'import.' An improvement over bud, but what does that say? Best served cold, the cheap-lager crispness lends itself to easy mass consumption.

kp (5900), Woodstock, Georgia, USA
2.9 Aroma Appearance Flavor Palate Overall
8/10 3/5 5/10 3/5 10/20
Sep 1, 2007
Date: 04/19/1996
Mode: Draft
Source: Taco Mac, Sandy Springs

clear yellow, whispy head, good lasting carbonation great hop aroma, good hop flavor that lasts through the aftertaste

Aroma: 8/10; Appearance: 5/10; Flavor: 5/10; Palate: 5/10; Overall: 10/20
Rating: 2.9/5.0
Score: **/4


Ruxpercnd @ Mon May 26, 2008 9:46 pm

While no Canadian beers make the top 50 list.... (But lots of American beers are tops)... Here a list of Canadian beers...

this is kind of a strange list. Not even sure these are all beers. Best maybe, but probably not popular.

The Best Canadian Beers
Rank Name Score Rate Count Style
1 La Face Cachée de la Pomme Frimas Ice Cider 4.2 67 Cider

2 La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige Éternelle 4.17 30 Cider

3 Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel 4.17 399 Imperial Stout

4 Dieu du Ciel Aphrodisiaque 4.15 60 Stout

5 La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige Ice Cider 4.13 126 Cider

6 Denisons Weissbier 4.04 92 German Hefeweizen

7 Dieu du Ciel Grande Noirceur 4.03 63 Imperial Stout

8 À l’Abri de la Tempête Corne de Brume 4.02 82 Scotch Ale

9 St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout 4.02 641 Stout

10 Bedondaine et Bedons Ronds Reyne Descosse 4.01 15 Scotch Ale

11 Scotch Irish John By Imperial Stout 4 35 Imperial Stout

12 4-Temps Corne de Brume 3.99 16 Scotch Ale

13 Unibroue Trois Pistoles 3.99 1464 Belgian Strong Ale

14 Clos Saint-Denis Fine Pomme de Glace 3.98 15 Cider

15 Dieu du Ciel Quintessence 3.98 47 American Strong Ale

16 Unibroue 10 3.96 300 Belgian Strong Ale

17 St. Ambroise Vintage Ale 3.95 189 Barley Wine

18 Bièropholie Calumet Grand Chef 3.94 64 Smoked

19 Bièropholie Impériale Stout 3.93 218 Imperial Stout

20 Unibroue La Terrible 3.92 780 Belgian Strong Ale

21 Bièropholie Calumet Grand Chef (unfiltered) 3.9 17 Smoked

22 Dieu du Ciel Rigor Mortis Abt 3.88 64 Abt/Quadrupel

23 Unibroue 11 3.88 327 Belgian Strong Ale

24 Dix India Pale Ale 3.85 17 India Pale Ale (IPA)

25 Raven Ridge Fuji Iced Cider 3.84 16 Cider

26 Half Pints Humulus Ludicrous 3.82 21 Imperial/Double IPA

27 Dieu du Ciel Solstice dHiver 3.82 52 Barley Wine

28 Unibroue Édition 2005 3.82 362 Belgian Strong Ale

29 Unibroue Maudite 3.82 1287 Belgian Strong Ale

30 Unibroue La Fin Du Monde 3.81 1335 Abbey Tripel

31 Dieu du Ciel Déesse Nocturne 3.8 82 Stout

32 Unibroue Édition 2004 3.8 413 Belgian Strong Ale

33 Domaine Pinnacle Cidre de Glace Petillant 3.79 17 Cider

34 Scotch Irish Vanilla Bean Porter 3.79 18 Porter

35 Cidrerie Michel Jodoin Rubis de Glace 3.79 25 Cider

36 Les Trois Mousquetaires 1870 Baltic Porter 3.78 19 Baltic Porter

37 Propeller Revolution Russian Imperial Stout 3.77 41 Imperial Stout

38 Dieu du Ciel Solstice dÉté aux Framboises 3.77 42 Berliner Weisse

39 Bièropholie Calumet 3.77 157 Smoked

40 Unibroue 16 3.77 324 Belgian Strong Ale

41 Church-Key Riot Act Imperial Stout 3.76 11 Imperial Stout

42 Unibroue Sans Nom 3.76 23 Belgian Strong Ale

43 Brouemont Russian Imperial Stout 3.75 12 Imperial Stout

44 Half Pints Burly Wine 3.75 21 Barley Wine

45 Scotch Irish Tsarina Katarina Imperial Stout 3.75 133 Imperial Stout

46 Dieu du Ciel Cornemuse 3.74 27 Scotch Ale

47 LAmère à Boire Imperial Stout 3.74 71 Imperial Stout

48 Unibroue Quelque Chose 3.74 586 Fruit Beer

49 Dieu du Ciel Équinoxe du Printemps 3.73 48 Scotch Ale

50 Unibroue La Fringante 3.73 218 Belgian Strong Ale


Blue_Nose @ Tue May 27, 2008 4:50 am

Ruxpercnd Ruxpercnd:
While no Canadian beers make the top 50 list.... (But lots of American beers are tops)... Here a list of Canadian beers...

this is kind of a strange list. Not even sure these are all beers. Best maybe, but probably not popular.
Let's see:

Bud Light scored a whopping 1.16. Wow! Labatt Blue got 2.15

Coors Light - 1.3. Molson Canadian 2.09

What about Budweiser? 1.38. Alexander Kieths - 2.28

Miller Lite - 1.37. Moosehead takes a 2.3

Let's review - not one "popular" brand in the US is better than any of the two "popular" brands in Canada that you criticize, or any other popular brand in Canada.

But look, it gets better, they even have a list of the Top Widely Distributed Beers. Canada takes the #9 spot, while America's best showing is #21. In total, there are three Canadian beers in the top 50 and only two American.

Considering it's an American website from which these ratings are taken, I'd say any point you're trying to make about our "popular" brands is nonsense.


ngignac @ Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:34 pm

Some people dislike it, but I love Kokanee. [B-o]

Then again I love anything that gets me drunk.....except for a beer I tried at the montreal internatinal BeerFest called Nigerian Nectar. :cry:



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